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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tuesday Tails.... Dog story page, Tort Report, and Wolfie report. Geocaching newbies.

Since I started Tuesday tails, it's been so much fun posting videos of various little and sometimes big tales about animals.  I finally got the mother lode of stories in this one web site.  There are others but they had some IFFY sort of ADs going, offensive even.  But this one doesn't.  I was thrilled to find it this evening.

I present the Funny Dog Stories,

I hope you like it as much as I do.  The side bars on the blog have more animal related stories, and the ads all seem to all be family friendly.


Wolfie Report:  The Wolf is getting a little older but he's really getting good at the crosswords, giving us clues, telepathically, we presume.  When a word pops into my head, I say, "Thank you, Wolfie!". He just looks up at me with those Big Browns, and goes right back to resting or maybe snoozing.

We have new brown chairs after 25 years and they are wonderfully snuggle worthy.
Mr. Z. took the old ones to the stadium for the big community free cycle.  It was great!
They were still in very good shape but needed a handyman for a few things.

Tort Report:  The babies, Milagro and Dusty, are finally tasting the freedom of the whole back 40.  They are enjoying going in and out of their enclosure.  All the torts are spending Spring, Summer and Fall in the garden this year.

Lucky got a few roses from me a couple of days ago and I snapped his April 2016 portrait.

There was a mystery bug inside one of the roses that the big torts ate but Mr.Z assured me that he shook it out before giving them their roses.

The evening when I found said Bug in the rose, I touched his back with a blade of grass. He did a little beetle style rocking Dance of Annoyance, and I just let him sleep overnight there.  Actually I am not sure if "he" is a he or is a "she".  I'm not sure he/she is a beetle, either.  I'm not even sure if he/she is not the same annoying little bug that's biting holes in the roses.  Oh well, live and let live but I hope a bird got him/her if so.

Make it bigger to see the little fella
To keep from going totally insane, Mr. Z. and I have taken up a new tiny adventuring hobby.  It's called Geocaching.  Chris from Tazzie first introduced me to the concept, but the business of life at the time didn't leave a lot of minutes in the day for hoofing about.  Now we have too much time on our hands so we are doing this fun thing together when we go from point A to point B.  It helps.
And, every once in awhile you find something lovely at the cache.
This teensy little onesie ( an unmatched earring) was there.
Isn't it cute?
Last Foto.
When we were hunting down our location, a lovely spring leaf had fallen into the path.  A person must gather their heart falls wherever they may, Hey, Mates?

G'Day! :-)


  1. The cuteness of Wolfie is just.....amazing :-)
    So, you're Geocaching - how cool is that! I've read a lot about it, but have never done it.
    Good for you!

    1. Wolfie sends you his love! And, you should give geocaching a spin. It got even more fun with these brilliant new smart phones.
      Have a great day and actually by now it should be a wish for sweet dreams, eh? So, sweet dreams!


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