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Friday, May 20, 2016

friday5 for May 20: Coverage


No button because this has been taken down, kaput for now.

1. What do your bed linens look like, right now?
They are white and clean.  And rumpled.  They are always rumpled.  They are from India and I guess their manufacturers think American beds are a LOT bigger than the measurements the off-shore buyers give them.  Why is this?  Does anybody know the answer to this?

2. What’s the most you’ve spent on something you use as protection for something expensive?
Are we talking about getting a house fumigated?  Well, that was $1500.  Happily we found a company that used non toxic stuff, well, not to the termites but a mouse could probably eat it and think it had only a little too much tobacco from that last butt it nibbled.

What does your nicest coat look like?
I guess it's a knockoff of a London Fog that I always think will fit me again.  I'm getting rid of it tomorrow!

What was the most recent cheese-covered (or chocolate-covered, if you prefer) dish you enjoyed?
This is California, so it would be Nachos.  Oh yum, chocolate covered..  there is a dish that has a chocolate covering?  

What’s something for which you often forget (or choose not) to replace the cover?
My sewing machine.  I want it where I can see it, and run up a seam if I feel like it.  This happens less and less as I get older.  What were safety pins invented for anyway.  

Thanks for participating, and have a lovely weekend!

You're welcome, and I hope that you have a lovely weekend, also.  Thanks for the fun meme!

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