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Friday, May 20, 2016

Many Misc things.... friday5 seems to be trumped, knitting bar thinga, tiny bit o knitting blah blah

Someone finally forced friday5 down again.  I have my thoughts about who has done it, and why, but it's gone for now.  Such a nice place.  It was a weekly meme for 10 years.

New Bars in the side bar will come from HERE, a blog called Frugal and Thankful.  There are a lot of ads there though, so be aware.....

Anyway, the Ravelry bars were way too hard for me to wrangle though again, so I just said. Blegh! and went looking for some older ones that I once had.  Those I couldn't find, and looked into the one at Frugal and Thankful, instead.  This is much easier, and with some tweaking (you always have to change colors, widths,etc)  a person can make things work for themselves.  But, with these it was very easy.  They work with one of the sidebar gadgets from blogspot.  Lovely.  I'm pretty sure you can re-tweak the code to cover several knitting projects, also.  I'll try it and will let you know.

Nope, you have to put another gadget (widget) for each project.  Sorry folks!

I'm still sending pictures to the girls but had to take a day off yesterday due to a little dizziness because of inner ear problems.  But, dear ones, plan to be back photo wrangling later today.

knitting report.  With help from Karen, (Thank you!) I've now knit two rows of the pattern on the sleeve.  It looks like a funny little hat at the moment but when it's about four inches or so longer, whenever that is, I'll show it off.  Until then, read this if you can.  I'm still struggling and yes, I do intend to burn after reading.

The Buddlieas are all blooming and the one we thought was blue last year is now pink.  A well, it must be the gypsum or maybe the Epsom salt.  It's such a hassle to figure these things out.  But, I did want a pink, anyway, So Yay!  I'll try to get pics of the blooms.  It's not possible to transfer pictures to the computer any longer.  So, No new pics, sorry.  I'm depressed.


Now all we need is a Blue
African violet report: This violet is next. There are at least three plants in there.  Fingers are crossed that the techniques I learned for long necked recovery of African violets takes really well.  I'm jazzed!

The blue and white has survived the transplant, so far, but is much diminished.


  1. Lol. Stick with it. I've had knitting patterns I wanted to burn and I always decided to sit up and fight my way through, and gradually, I actually grew fond of most of them ;-)
    Love the violets!

  2. Thank you,Karen. I will grit my teeth and go for it. And I love the sweater so might end up starting another one....in pink! Heehee. The second one would be easier I bet.lol
    This morning I'm putting in stitch markers between patterns because I get lost fast on these double pointed needles when putting the work down. None of my hat needles are short enough for the work yet. Thank you for all your encouragement.


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