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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday stealing, write me?

Sorry I missed Saturday9.  And yes, I believe in ghosts, or rather beings or  entities which exist in more than one dimension.

Sit right down and write myself a letter meme

There's a button in the side bar If you want to hop aboard.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper? Answer: Last year to my daughter.
Can you change the oil on a car? A. Yes
Ever gotten a speeding ticket? A. No
Run out of gas? A. I didn't but my Roomie's sister did.
Favorite kind of sandwich? A. A grilled Italian sausage sandwich with grilled peppers and onions.
Best thing to eat for breakfast? A. Strawberry waffles with whipped cream.
What is your usual bedtime?A. Ten pm but I go to sleep around 2.
Are you lazy? A. No, but I'm getting non- functional, atm.
When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween? A. Hobo, a lot, and gypsy, and a witch.
Do you have any magazine subscriptions? A. Sunset that my daughter subscribes me to. And I get Interweave Magazine.
Which are better, legos or lincoln logs? A. I don't know but if I were a kid I'd rather have Legos.
Are you stubborn?  A.  I am persistent.  I'll do something until it's done, or at least I used to be.  I'm just too tired to care about a lot of junk now.
Who is better…Leno or Letterman? A.  I always liked Letterman best.
Ever watch soap operas? A. No, I'm a reader, and crafter and can't stand most television.
Afraid of heights? A. No
Sing in the car? A.  I always used to, now I have no voice left.
Dance in the shower? A. Not unless I want to end up in the ER!
Dance in the car? a. That's a little dangerous.  You mean, "bop around"? Then, yes.
Ever used a gun? Yes
Do you think musicals are cheesy? No, I like musicals.
Is Christmas stressful? A. No, if the kids are coming then it's just more fun.
Ever eat a pierogi? A. No but they looked very interesting when I saw them in "Men in Black"
Major annoyance right now? A. I'm not annoyed by anything; it's much deeper than that.
Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid? A. I wanted to be an artist and to teach it, too.


  1. Wow, you've never gotten a speeding ticket?! You are way more disciplined than me.
    Either that, or you just haven't been caught ;-)

    1. I just haven't been caught. But my speeding days are over now, and some time ago. You can't speed In a jeep. It's just too dangerous. Zoomie Zoom!

  2. I would imagine all of us over a certain age have been a Hobo at least once on Halloween. That was the ultimate cheap and easy costume. Well, that and around here there are always lots of hunters because everyone's dad has camo and florescent orange clothes to borrow.

    1. We get a lot of teensy service men dressed in their own little camo fatigues. Marine and navy kids, 🎃

  3. Stubborn v. persistent, lazy v. unable. Words have such interesting and powerful meanings, don't they. And I so hate labels, which all four of those words are. Why do we find it necessary to label people? Sorry, I think I went off on a tangent. :-) And I believe in ghosts, too.

    1. I love your thoughtful, tangental comments. You are right,labels are not for people. We are far too complex.
      Most people have to see to believe in ghosts, and too many people think a person's "crazy" if they have seen them. And then there are the charlatans. *sigh*

  4. I love your answer for stubborn.

    1. Thanks Kwizgiver. My daughter still calls it stubborn when she's up to it. She's forcing me, "think of it as a dying wish", to get my arse out of the house and do something with the camera.

  5. Oops. That link in email actually doesn't make it here! Duh! So, thank you again, for keeping Sunday Stealing up and running. :-)


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