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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Those aren't walking boots! Saturday9

Welcome to Saturday 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!

Saturday 9: These Boots Were Made for Walkin' (1966)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song/video, Ms. Sinatra's boots make a serious fashion statement. Do you choose footwear for comfort or fashion?  Comfort, and barefoot is, to me, still one of the most comfortable ways to walk around.

2) This is by far the biggest hit of Nancy Sinatra's career, which includes 6 top ten hits. Can you name another?  To be perfectly honest, I never really liked her voice.  So, sorry to say I can't name any others.  Boots was hard to miss though, as it was EVERYwhere.

3) Nancy recorded it on Reprise Records, which was founded by her father, Frank. Did your parents give you a leg up in your chosen career?  No.

4) Professionally Nancy has been involved in espionage, singing the theme to a James Bond movie and appearing in an episode of The Man from UNCLE. Do you enjoy spy/secret agent stories?  I like Spy Spoofs better than any other Spy tales.  But I did enjoy The Man from UNCLE and the last two James Bond's.

5) Nancy maintains the official Sinatra family website, which includes a link to the site of Mia Farrow. Ms. Farrow was, briefly, Nancy's stepmother, and obviously they are still on good terms. Do you have a big, extended family? Hoped for one but, No.

6) Nancy's music -- and posters -- were very popular with the troops during the Vietnam War. Nancy continues to return their loyalty and affection with her efforts on behalf of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. Here's your chance to promote a cause that's near and dear to your heart. What charity gets your support?  My pet projects are almost all in the side board.  Some are secret.

7) Nancy hosts a Sirius radio show devoted to her father's music. Do you have a subscription to a satellite radio or podcast network?  No, the only radio I like to listen to weather radio.  Yes, I am from another planet.

8) Nancy has said that she and her sister Tina had a more comfortable relationship with their famous father than their late brother, Frank, Jr., did. Do you think it's easier for mothers to get along with their sons, while fathers have an easier time with their daughters?  I think girls will always be closer to their Daddies, unless said Daddy is a criminal.

9) Random question: Tonight's dinner is on us. Would you prefer to eat at a casual restaurant with exceptional food, or an exclusive restaurant with so-so food but a celebrity clientele? 
I have Zero (ZERO!) tolerance for Celebrity, but I'll try to stay off my soapbox this week.  I'll take the better food 
Kids, a humble life, full of love, is worth living.  Trust a Grandma to know this. 


Thanks so much for joining us again at Saturday: 9. As always, feel free to come back, see who has participated and comment on their posts. In fact sometimes, if you want to read & comment on everyone's responses, you might want to check back again tomorrow. But it is not a rule. We haven’t any rules here. Join us on next Saturday for another version of Saturday: 9, "Just A Silly Meme on a Saturday!" Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I always get jealous of girls who have good Daddy relationships. My father wasn't a criminal, nor an abuser or anything like that. We just never got along. I was always closer to my mother. I am THRILLED that our daughter has a wonderful relationship with her father.

  2. I was closer to my mother's side she was easy to get along with. And because my father was just a horrible man.
    All our girls prefer their Dad.

  3. I am a thwarted Daddy's girl. I wanted to be close to my dad, but he was such an unhappy, complicated man it just wasn't possible.

    1. That's a shame when it happens, Gal. It affects a person for a long time. Sometimes. you never get that feeling that you are lovable.

      I guess my grandfather was the most normal man in my life but I lost him when I was six and never saw him again.
      My mother just got pummeled into the ground, along with her children. When I married, I had to build, from scratch, any sort of mothering skills,and unfortunately, that doesn't cut it in this modern dog eat dog world. You never catch up and your children suffer.

  4. Daniel Craig makes watching the Bond movies much more enjoyable. :)

  5. Ah... that he does, Stacy. He's the most believable super-spy looking guy since Sean Connery.
    Have a sweet weekend!

  6. I was not close to my mother at all, and my father and I have never been close. Had it not been for my impending birth, they would not have married, so ... oh well. I think I could live 1000 years and never get over being unwanted.

  7. Ouch! That's terrible! You are, however, lucky in your sweet DH's love, which seems steady and loving.
    I think parents often love more than they can express it, having the scary job of raising a child who doesn't turn out to be a criminal, as one of my friends once said. She had a teen boy at the time.


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