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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday tales: saving street dogs, Wolfie, Tort report

Tuesday Tails:  First, a video of a saved street dog.  They save him and he fully recovers and plays.
This is where a lot of the Real Human Beings are, in animal welfare, rescuing and caring, 7/24.  We really can change things if enough of us "just do something".

Wolfie report: Wolfie met a little pooffy, ten year old  female Shizu on the trail the other day,  She was adorable, and she was the aggressor.  Wolfie may be becoming a true gentleman.  Anyway it was a shock to me, and to him.  She was adorable and maybe it's "gone to her head"  Just kidding.  I have a feeling they are both "only   dogs"

We went Geocaching yesterday, on a long gravel strewn trail which was a tad less than 3 tenths of a mile - Mr.Z thinks less- but my body tells me that all my step counting is right.  Next time I'm "booting up", taking a walking stick, and going bushwacking with my pedometer on and a pack on my back.
But this tiny, pretty shaped stone showed up along the way.  So, the day became a day of heart's ease.

Looking down, sometimes there's a nice surprise.

The knitting:
Those new  progress bars that I found are a great little bit of code.  I'm so happy with them.  If  "repeats" are created in their own Gadgets/widgets and customized they work great.  It's very easy to follow the directions at Lena's Frugal and Thankful's blog.  They will require some tweaking as the percentage goes up.  And......The bars don't seem to like anything less than 15 displayed but if you count the yarn and pattern search as 5% and the casting on as 10, you're there!  ;-)

I've done this before, with different bars, so no sweat, there.  It was foolish to blow away the widget for the Ravelry bars, but that's life.  Anyway, this is all easy stuff.  I only know enough Basic to get into trouble but this worked out well.  Fear not, you too can make them.  Wine afterwards though, to celebrate, eh?

Now to get some photo worthy progress made on the sleeve.  So far, I've done nothing but try to get stitch markers at the beginning of all of the seven patterns in the sequence.  Oh, one increase is now in.  I cannot WAIT to get this thing on a circular needle.  So far I've knit to the end of the ribbing and two rows of  garter, and it looks like a little green standing rib roast.  Windows ten blew away most of my pictures.
So, here's a hat I would like to make which is the one shown way back when.  In fact I'm going to make two.
No one wanted the machine knitting yarn so I'll experiment with it in making a few things.  Experimenting and using the neurons is good for a person.  I've found that a person can make some pretty amazing things with this thin yarn.

The Tort Report:  I'm about ready to give them all away.  For the half day that the last of my pink day lilies, the tiny ones, were not protected by a wire cage, the little herd  ate them clear to the ground.
The last of the tiny day lilies last week
Like petite, grazing cattle, they trim the under-story of the two roses, and eat everything, including cactus paddles, thorns and all from any cacti that cross their paths.  But, will they eat Lamb's Quarter or any other weed except mallow?  No, they will not!

Lucky, our first baby who is now bigger than his daddy

I do love them when they are babies.   Only a baby rabbit is cuter.
But a tortoise will eat a bromeliad right down to the base if  they aren't stopped.  Maybe I could be wicked and let them eat tomato plants. We have some, and the cage that protected the day lilies, now protects the tortoises from the deadly effects of a tomato plant's genes.

To help with the mood of the last two days, we watched, "The Shipping News"... again.  We're such Hell raisers in this house.

I wish you all a thoroughly complete Love Bombing!  Happy Tuesday!

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