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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thankful Thursday: Flowers

It's a 100ºF!  But, I'm grateful for the Spring and Summer, and the abundance of flowers.  I want big bouquets of them in my life again.  So that's where most of the flowers pictures on the blog have come from- bouquets of old.

DH was able to bring me a bouquet every Friday, from the farmer's market.  But that Market closed.
So, I have the memories in photos so expect a lot of flower headers!

I'll tell you how we were able to keep most of the flowers fresh for a whole week.  Be sure to prepare the warm mixture just before slicing off about two inches of all the stems in your bouquet.  This allows the stems to be cleared so that they can take up the water into themselves.  They are sort of sealed off when first cut away from the plants.

The Recipe that we used:
 "A simple recipe for homemade floral preservative is: one teaspoon sugar, one teaspoon bleach, two teaspoons lemon juice and one quart lukewarm water. The sugar is food, the bleach disinfects, and the lemon juice acidifies the water and helps the flowers take it up."

(One change.  We used white vinegar in place of lemon juice.)

is from New York Botanical Garden's Page, HERE.  Scroll down a bit....

And this article, from the same place, is all about handling cut flowers.

This technique, with various ingredients, is all over the web now, but I know that the mixture of white vinegar, sugar and bleach, all three in small amounts, with that warm water, really does work!

Forget aspirin and vodka.

Have a happy and safe weekend...  See you in a few...........   


  1. Such a beautiful bouquet! I love having fresh flowers in my house. I used to grow so many outside. Not so much this year. Also, thanks for that recipe. I will try it next time. Thinking of you and hoping you are getting along okay!!Sending a hug your way.

  2. Thanks for that hug. And the visit.
    We don't grow many flowers either, because of the drought, but we do have some very hardy roses, two, that are delightful to see, and food for the tortoises. Roses have calcium in them, so they're good tortoise food.
    I'm doing so-so, and thanks for asking. As you know it's really a black hole, and something that changes a parent forever. It's a parallel universe you never wanted to be thrust into. I'm getting a firmer grip on the edge of that hole though. Yep.


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