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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thankful Thursday, a Tuesday Tails on Thursday....This is a three tails today.... Knitting on the bottom

Ok, more rescue stories but you can handle them,  they have an "awwwwhh" factor of 129,845,876.90.

You can do it!  Trust me.  It's one of those things done for "The Greater Good".

1st of all: Benji's story

Meet the organization that rescued Benji from the streets.  Though I don't think Benji had actually never been in a home before,  he was lost, or maybe just abandoned and living an absolutely miserable existence.  I hope someone has adopted this beautiful little companion dog by now..

Just think of Benji as a white version of Wolfie.  I know the wolf put up a really hardy fight when he was rescued.  .Benji's story is Wolfie's story.

We've often wondered what Wolfie's life in the wild was like, or what he looked like, just before he was rescued off the streets by Animal Control.  He was very ill, nearly hairless from Alopecia, severe flea allergy, and starvation. Thank you's go to Animal Control, in partnership with the San Diego Humane Society who gave him weeks of good care.  THANK YOU, EVERYONE!

Wolfie's still fierce, and he's even feisty at times.  He gets an intense wild look in his eyes and flies around the living room, jumping from the sofa to the chairs like a little mad dog when he comes in from his walks.  Then he snuggles up next to me in the chair.  Wolfie is also long haired and fluffy, so that's why he would have looked just like this bedraggled little fellow in the video when rescued himself.

I am also very thankful that Hope For Paws Rescue is working to save stray dogs that others think of as Mangy Curs.  BLESS YOU!

2nd of all: Violet's story. 

Oh!  You can foster from HFP, too!  I must talk to Mr.Z. about this part.  heehee

3rd of all: Towhee fledgling Rescue story.

Sorry for the baddish picture but it's through two layers of glass.
 I so want a Canon EOS Rebel, but then I'd have to walk more than is good for me.  I still want it.  Yes, when it comes to cameras, I'm definitely materialistic.
The bird pictures are spectacular!

A few days ago, I was watching the birds at the birdbath, and saw this bedraggled youngster hopping about under the geranium patch.  She/he had feathers askew on the right wing, some askew on her head, as though he/she had been either cat caught, or was suffering from window strike.  Since we purposely have grids on all our windows to keep this from happening, I was sure the bird had been cat caught and figured it would eventually die, since most do.  I do not give up with out a fight, so it was time to rescue!

 I chase cats out of my yard all the time but you can't chase them all.  I knew that the parent birds had brought their fledgling here for training, but they were not here anymore.  

So, for three days now I've put out a grain (organic Red Mill, nothing but the best for my baby bird) cereal out on the pavers, with a side of mixed seeds and fruit and nuts crumbled on another one.  The transformation in the bird is spectacular.  She's now chasing away the smaller sparrows until she gets to eat. and flying up to the Cape honeysuckle to clean her bill and be comfortable.  She also scratches around for insects here and there, and takes baths in the birdbath.  One little heart saved, I'd say.

My nickname for my daughter was "Little Bird" so I watch out for all the birds in our garden now with increased diligence.

Knitting report: The sleeve  has been tinked, and a couple more rows added.  Now it's about five, maybe six inches long and so Mr. Z tried it on over his wrist.  It fits well.  I'm chuffed.  And yes, Rho, more markers are working better.  Now to get the concentration and co-operation of "the little grey cells."

tinking is done now... Yay!  Golly what a job!

Three Large bags of machine knitters yarn plus some
weaver's yarn were free cycled last week.  Yay!
I went to my sister's today, and she was cheerful but fighting her disease all the way.  She is, like Laura, very brave.  We talked about rose care,  traded pictures between phones, and all the Brotherly and Sisterly chit chat.  

My funk meter is stuck at about half a degree below "reacts to stimuli"  So come and limp along with me while I try to force it into the GREEN zone.  

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