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Friday, August 26, 2016

Saturday9: Hello there! My name is......

Today is National Dog Day!  Yay!

Saturday 9: Hello (2015)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This video begins with Adele and her flip phone. Is your cell phone a simple or a smart phone?
It's a Smart phone, but not as smart as my sister's android. Actually, texting proved to be so much fun that when the old phone chargers broke, we traded in our flips.  They were the best little phones but hard to text on- tiny buttons.

2) As soon as her cell is fully charged, Sam disconnects the adapter from the outlet to save electricity. Are you careful about conserving energy?
Sam, we do the very same thing.  There are no adapters in the outlets unless something's being charged.  Energy conservation, just like water conservation, means that Mother Earth gets a break.

3) Adele sings that she must have a called a thousand times but her former lover never picked up. Think about the last call you made. Did you get through? Did you leave a voice mail? Or did you just hang up? 
I got through.  

4) Adele brews a cup of tea in the video. How often do you drink tea? Year round? Only in winter? Never?
I drink tea all the time, no matter what the season and always, now, decaf, though some are caffeine free, like Rooibos chai.  Yummy! 

5) Adele told Glamour magazine she like two sugars in her tea. Do you watch your sugar intake?
Since I'm practically immobile compared to two years ago, yes, I watch every calorie.  I save sugar for things that really count, like chocolate or chocolate covered ginger from TJs.  How about another Yummy here just for that chocolate treat.

6) This song is about reaching out to someone and extending an apology. When is the last time you said, "I'm sorry?"
I've probably said that, "I'm Sorry", most recently to Mr. Z. when I did or said something that made him sad.  
I'm pretty careful not to overstep my bounds with anyone, now that I'm not a parent anymore.  Parents are trying hard to not raise a "criminal"( as one of my rockhound friend once said) so they can get pretty overwrought.  I'm not talking about beating, brow or body.  But just going a little too into the nasty side of human nature.  Yelling is sort of like the Bearing of teeth, in the animal world, eh?  

7) Adele was a heavy smoker who enjoyed the habit and didn't quit until 2015, after  doctors convinced her it contributed to her chronic throat problems. What's something you know you should do for your health?
 A heavy smoker who sang for a living always amazed me.  But they got a lot of second hand smoke anyway.  I'm glad it is BANNED in Boston and every other inside venue now.
So, this is a meme and you asked about meme.  Well, I really should walk and stand more.  Something I'm trying to do. Knitting is fine but you can stand to do that, too.  I can no longer walk and chew gum so walking while knitting is too dangerous, both for me and for others.

8) Even though she is one of the world's highest-earning entertainers, she recently had her credit card rejected while shopping at H&M. She admits she was "mortified." Have you ever experienced that moment at the counter when your card was rejected?
No I haven't.  Probably because I hardly ever used a credit card.  But I did see an amazing arrest of someone who was using a stolen card!  It was so exciting!  It was in a small gift shop in Old Town and caused quite a stir!  The perp looked me right in the eyes and stared!

9) Random question: When you were a kid, did you keep a neat or messy bedroom?
If you saw my craft spaces now you wouldn't believe that I was neat as a pin the whole of my life until falling ill in my fifties.  I really miss that tidy sort of life and must get back to it!

Image result for neat as a pin images
See?  Even in the middle of the Jungle it's possible to tell the Naturally Tidy
© Betty Londergan and Heifer12x12 2012. 
Heifer International is a great organization, and I support it's work wholeheartedly.

Thanks so much for joining us again at Saturday: 9. As always, feel free to come back, see who has participated and comment on their posts. In fact sometimes, if you want to read & comment on everyone's responses, you might want to check back again tomorrow. But it is not a rule. We haven’t any rules here. Join us on next Saturday for another version of Saturday: 9, "Just A Silly Meme on a Saturday!" Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I'm in love with your whole post this week. I relate so well to all of it. Even the energy conservation area, where we have differed. Not that I disagree with you there, I just disagree with my own behavior!

  2. Lol! Well, at least you know HOW to do the right thing, you amazingly fun and crazy friend of mine!

    Gad, but I forgot to put the rest of the last promise up! No linkie! Gonna go do that.

  3. "The perp looked me right in the eyes ..." GULP! I'm imagine you being called to testify at his trial and having a Perry Mason moment. Pointing and announcing dramatically, "It was him! I'll never forget the way he stared right into my eyes!" OK, maybe I watch too much TV ...

    1. It was the weirdest thing, almost as if he were trying to see if he knew me. He did have pretty, blue-green eyes, but they were cold looking. Happily we never crossed paths again. It all was pretty shocking to my sister and I. We also watch too many dramas. Lol

  4. Your answers are always so much fun...would you be insulted if I said it would be awesome to have you for a mom?

    I love going to the cutest little tea shop near here called Crumpets (and yes, they serve fresh crumpets!). It has opened my tastebuds up to a lot of flavors, but I have to admit I am still working on liking rooibos teas.

    Well, maybe the arrest you witnessed wouldn't be too bad. I've seen a couple up close and they were rather scary. Guns drawn and everything!

    Heifer International is one of my favorite charities!

    1. Heifer International is amazing. Right up there with Women for Women, and Oxfam. Yessss!

      Insulted? No, I'm not at all. But, as you know, mothers hardly ever kick back and relax with their own kids. They live way into the future, trying to assure so many things happen in a positive way. Few feel they can just enjoy the moment. Now, I'm too old to reign in my enthusiasm for having fun. But, As a family, we did try to have as much fun as we could afford, and I hope they do have some happy memories of our time together.

      Wow! I can't image being in a store with guns being brandished! Now that flat out scary! Gah! During the one here, The security guards were very cool and quiet, and just came up behind him and dealt quickly with him, though he did a little struggling.
      And that little tea shop sounds great. There is one nearby to me, and my sister and I have gone there a few times when she was still able. Happy weekend, Stacy!

  5. One of the first things to go when you "fall ill in your fifties" is the tidiness, I have found. I am trying to rid the house of clutter so it won't pile up. I have to do it in tiny little tidbits, one shelf or drawer at a time. Rather slow and frustrating. I enjoyed your answers, as I always do.

    1. I hear your pain, CountryDew. It's shocking to find yourself so crippled that you can't get your old orderliness back. The CraftClutter in my craft room and the far end of the great room is just inching out the door, as I'm able to do such tiny jobs in bits and pieces, But slow progress is progress nonetheless, true? We shall keep on keeping on, together. I think of you an awful lot.
      Glad you enjoy reading here and thank you. Hope your weekend has much beauty in it. :-)

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you for visiting, and Happy Weekend to you? Any Fall colors yet?

  7. Oh, Zippi, if only knitting was aerobic exercise, I would be as thin as one of my needles!

    1. Oh, Kwizgiver, I wish it were, too!

      There was an article in the paper yesterday about dancing to music being good for fitness. Thought I'd give it a whirl, after closing all the curtains. :-)

  8. I suspect that Adele developed her sultry voice from being a smoker. I can't get over how young she it too.

    1. Too bad, as in the end it's so not worth it. Smoking really is a stresser for the vocal chords. But, imho, this hyper-thinness fad is to blame for much smoking.


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