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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tuesday Tails... The tale of a Tortoise who ran out of the fire.

Suzi sent me a better picture of this when it happened, and here is a follow up of the story

This LINK goes to the ABC website.

It's a heartwarming story in view of how destructive the fires were.  Animal Rescue workers and police worked tirelessly to get as many animals out of the threatened areas before the fires struck.

here's Wolfie, who always manages to wedge his chunky little body next to mine in the recliner.

And when it's a little hot, he wiggles out for the cooler part of the arm.

Some of our pets from long ago:  Little Clipper.  He was a wonderful little dog .
We had him for about 10 years before he was hit by a car.
A little child saw him in the yard at one of my friend's houses, and she let "him out to play."  I'm very glad she wasn't hurt.

Tobie, our first rescue doggie.
She was  tiny, born without a tail, and was
 sweet, and naturally playful

There is Spider Louie, named for the spider pattern on his sides,

Jazzie loved the RV, and Loved to go on rides, just the way that Wolfie does.  My poor dog Shadow would get car sick, but he would always go.

Jazz at 2 years

Jazzie: in the snap Jasper is about 10 years old.  He liked riding up on Mr. Z.'s arm all over Quartszite.

When Jasper was only  four months old and weighed all of a pound, a seller at one of the booths in Quartzsite gave me a little polished stone on a chain.  It had Jazzie's colors in it.  It also had googly eyes glued on it,  The seller pointed to my eyes and to his own, and said, "Keep your eyes on him, indicating Jazzie.
He was such a nice man, and we heeded his words for the rest of Jasper' life.

That's all for now.  Hope you enjoyed the small stories and some pictures of our pets from long ago, and a few more pictures of Wolfie.


  1. Loved seeing your pet pictures!!

  2. Thank you, Paula, and howdy. :o) We've had a lot of pets and the girls asked to have pictures sent to them from their childhoods, so I found all the pets, too. This little dog, neither girl liked, but then, they had to clean up the yard. Poor kids. My sister and I, used to dogs, really loved her. She was 16 years old when her wee heart gave out on her favorite little hill. They probably silently rejoiced! lol

  3. Loved them. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You're welcome Karen, and thanks for your visit.
    The blog helps me live day to day, sort of a chronicle of "Living in a Fog". Maybe I'll rename it because that's more true than Zippiknits. HA! I'm still struggling along with one half a sleeve.

  5. The fog may still take a while to clear, but when it clears up eventually, your sight will be clearer than before. Gosh, that sounds corny. But it describes it for me.
    You're in my thoughts.

  6. Thank you Karen. I don't think it's corny, it is a good way to describe these immense internal changes in your mind that loss like these cause. You know the whole world is different, and forever, the landscape doesn't look or feel quite the same and likely never will. But slowly,over time, the mind if not the heart, adjusts and you go on. You learn to live with it.

    Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts. It is appreciated much more than I can ever say.


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