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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Early Tuesday Tails: Update on tiny lizard

I'm going to be AFK quite awhile.  We are going to paint the 
Habitat, inside and out, and must get it ready.
But I promise to update from time to time, and post, on the fly, for simple things.

But here is that update.....
We have both of the common lizard species, Fence and Alligator, in our garden.
The tiny fence lizard is from Mr.Z's photo two days,or so, ago

A last little Tuesday Tails for awhile.  

Remember this little fella?

He still likes to hang out on the nice warm wall some place.  Mr.Z found him there one morning and took his portrait.  We moved him to the rocks in the garden.
There are plenty of tiny ones out there, and lots of adults, too.  One of their favorite hiding places is now gone, however they have plenty of others.

These little fence lizards are, generally, black or quite dark when they are cold, because that shade helps their small bodies gather more heat.  As the morning goes on they become brownish grey and speckled.

Two days ago, I observed our baby lizard run atop the big rock (right in front of the tall rose, which is right next to the white bird bath stand.  It was watching Poko Ono - aka Mamma Tort- chowing down on dried grasses just below, and saw the little rascal run right up the side and peer over at her.

Poko Ono, and her son Lucky, also eat snails, shells and all.  I don't think there is a single snail left out there, between the observant birds and all the torts.

Before, and the after is below.

Right now, I feed the towhees and the chippies here
in this nice rough patch of Mother Earth.  They have to work for it, but do get a
very nice organic cereal mix with all their favorite things in it.

The sickly, drought stricken, and ancient white geranium will be replaced with paving or something that can have potted plants, and perhaps seating of some sort.  Woe to the little creatures, mammalian, or reptilian, who have been depending on it for shade and/or cover.  Alas, the humans do not regard old, half dead plants, as habitat because, of course, we plant our gardens with an eye for beauty, or food.

 I'll be happy to have something else pretty to look at, like this snap from the Olden Days when Jazzie's run was still there, to the left, and before the Elms had to be cut down....
We loved those Chinese Elms, so shady and cool on that side and it was the perfect place for a big hammock, which I did enjoy using.

See you in a few weeks, or so.
We'll do whatever it takes to get this big job finally behind us.
Now some fun stuff.....I'll post that whenever it floats by in the flotsam and jetsam, too.

Funstuff; by way of Suzi
Thankyou, Suzi for the Laugh :o)


  1. Wow - so tiny, and so beautiful!
    Hope all goes well on the big project.

  2. Very tiny and absolutely perfectly fashioned, tiny toes and all.
    Our project, we don't have a lot of time and. as for myself. energy but the will to get it done if finally in place. I will stay in touch through visiting the many blogs, like yours, and everyone else I've grown very fond of you all. I'm not doing this lightly because I will miss everyone, but needs must, as they say.

  3. Thank you for teaching me AFK. Now that I know the acronym, it might do me good to put it into practice! I also enjoyed meeting the cold-blooded denizens of your habitat!

  4. Thank you Gal. I will pass some of the good vibes down the line to the amazing reptilians whom we share our lives with here. And yes, a little AFK helps from time to time. AFK can help when the snail pace is reached on projects. Oooo, gastropods now. heehee.


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