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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Saturday9: Diana Ross says goodbye?

Saturday 9: The Last Time I Saw Him (1973)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

 1) In this song, Miss Ross sings of a tender farewell at the bus station. When did you last say goodbye to someone at an airport, dock, train or bus station? 
It was in the 1980s sometime.  Mr. Z was flying somewhere, on loan from his company for three weeks or maybe it was months.

2) Continuing with the theme of "lasts," who received the last gift you gave?
Darned if I know.  I can't remember.  Last Christmas?  

3) Who last did you a favor?
Mr. Z is always doing me favors.  He brings me cups of tea and things when I'm resting.

4) What's the last thing you dropped or broke? 
I dropped my smart phone.  It broke the case, but not the phone.  So, being me, I got it a bullet proof one and haven't dropped it since.  Go figure...

5) What's the last thing you borrowed or lent?
Oh, that reminds me.  Borrowed.  And, I still have my neighbor's cross stitch frame, and need to give it back.  Thank you!

6) When is the last time you danced?
When I was taking ballet in the 70s with the girls.  This brings to mind a little vignette of Sandra Bullock, trying the Barre in a movie. This is Not the gorgeous Sandra but it's even more hilarious!

 Yep, pretty much me.  

Just had to add this one too.  Miss Piggy and Rudolph Nureyev. 

7) When were you last nervous?
It began with a text in January, and then a follow up phone call with terrible news in February.  I think I'm still twitching.  

8) What was your last DIY project?
I sped read that as DUI, and thought, "What the Hay?!"
About DIY, I do that stuff all the time. Always have and always will.  With Halloween on the way soon, I'm thinking that it would be fun to make a mummy with gauze, fake cobwebs, and hot glue gummy stuff...

9) When did you last check your horoscope? Was it accurate?
Say, speaking of horoscopes, do you know that the time periods of the signs are all wrong? That's according to our darling   Indomitable Science, with a Capital "S" Scientists.

Since I'm in a cusp anyway, it didn't affect me that much because I've always read two signs, which, basically, always contradict each other.  And so, No.  It's seldom of any truly great import.  I'm more likely to trust tarot cards or a Ouija board. 

Both of those are lots more fun.  My friend Diana and I had a go at a Ouija board once upon a time. The thing actually scared us.  I'm going to get some tarot cards very soon.  I need to be scared out of my wits.  Also,  Halloween is on the way.  Why not try something new and strange and unpredictable!?  Sort of just like Life, with a capital B.  hint:  B word rhymes with Witch.  As in, Live is a B, and then you die.  Yes, it's been one of those days, weeks, months.  So, is this when I say, "Sue me!" ?  

And, if you want to play along in Sam's fun Meme, there is a link in the sidebar.  
Or, just go HERE


  1. Mr. Z sounds like a sweetie. And your mummy sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. He is the sweetest man, and I am so lucky.

      Maybe I'll just wrap up Mr.Z in gauze. Harriet gave me the idea. I'll have to look up how they kitted out Lon Chaney. ;-)

  2. Loved all the videos today...gave me a good laugh and I needed that!

    1. I'm glad because, as is said, "Laughter is the best medicine." Those videos I will watch again sometime soon. They are so much fun!

  3. http://www.funnytheworld.com/2016/Sep/28.htm

    Loved the Muppet video. I knew my mother was wrong when she told me I was too fat to take ballet lessons! I coulda danced with Baryshnikov!

    1. Of course your mother was wrong. Mother's do their best, but they can't always be right, even if they THINK they are. lol.
      And yes, just think, you could have danced with the Divine Baryshnikov!

  4. I had to reread that DUI thing a few times... duh..
    Once, when my son was little, I dressed him up as a mummy for Halloween and wrapped him in gauze. He looked at himself in the mirror and busted out in tears. lol...

    1. Awww poor little guy. But I bet he was an adorable mummy. You just never know how kids are going to react, do you? Ah, the good old days..... :o)

  5. Replies
    1. I just about fell on the floor laughing at "Swan Lake". And, that mummy coming out of the floor... Laughter really IS the best medicine!

  6. I like the tarot. I use tarot.com and also have a deck of cards. They can offer some interesting thoughts if used properly.

    That Bullock video must be old. Her legs are stick thin!

    1. I'm getting me a deck very soon. I fell in love with a movie called "Cold Comfort Farm" and the gloomy Mamma in it. She is always doing tarot reading, and I won't spoil the surprise in case someone wants to watch it.

      The Bullock thing didn't make it into YouTube that I could see, but then I found the one I finally put up. Sorry for the confusion. Mea Culpa.

  7. I have to do a pirate's costume for a theme costume party. I am lousy coming up with something... any ideas?

  8. Captain Jack Sparrow was the most authentic looking cinema pirate of late. Copying his look you could not go wrong. Have a great time building your costume,and at the party, too, Diana.
    The leather tricorne hat might be hard to find but lots of the time he didn't wear it.


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