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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Just when you thought you'd heard it all.. Saturday9

Saturday9..... Justin Timberlake

But I bet you wish you could......

Not familiar with the tune?  Go HERE.  
Do you want to play?  Go HERE and follow the very explicit instructions.  Otherwise we pitch you into a Reverb echo machine and tickle your Nose until.... well.....  See that Above? And no, you can't stop the feeling.

1) This is an upbeat, positive song. Are you feeling upbeat and positive right now?
Not at all.  Besides the obvious, I'm not sure the music helped - techno reverb etc.  Is all his stuff like that? OUCH!
Forgive me.  I have old and tender ear bones, too. But, I must say the dancing is truly cute.  So, I liked that.

2) Justin Timberlake is a good dancer. And why not? In this song, he sings he has "good soul in my feet." Consider your own dancing talent and compose your own lyric: I have tired ol' toe bones  in ma feet, and dat comes from dancin' out in da street

3) In the video, there's dancing in the laundromat. Do you have dirty clothes in the hamper, or are you all caught up with your laundry?
Caught up.  

4) There's also dancing in the supermarket. What do you need to pick up at the store?
We're caught up on that, too.  Wow, it's Friday night, man.  Today's the first day of the weekend, ya know?

5) This song will appear in the upcoming Dreamworks Trolls movie. Some people believe Troll dolls are good luck. Do you have a good luck charm?
If I did have one, it didn't work.

6) Justin Timberlake loves to dunk Oreos in milk. Crazy Sam thinks this is all wrong -- the way to eat an Oreo is to twist the two halves apart and lick the cream first. Which method do you prefer, Justin's or Sam's?
I'm with Sam.

7) Justin admits to some fashion fails. He and Britney Spears wore matching denim outfits that he regrets, and he's sorry he ever tried cornrows. What about you? Can you think of a look you thought was cool at the time, but now it makes you shudder?
Like my accidental Afro in 11th grade?  I have curly ish hair, and wanted a poodle hairdo, a do that I DID think was cool.  An actress had one.
So I went to the local beauty parlor owner and asked for one.  This was in 1959, and an Afro is what I got.  As soon as I could- six weeks later!!- I got mother's haircutter to cut my hair into a pixie.  

8) He is a very good golfer. When were you last on the golf course?
I like miniature golf.  I really hate the one with the big sticks and the yelling of FORE!  No thank you!  

9) Random question: Think about your romantic involvements. Were you in love with one of them, some of them, or all of them?
One guy, and, yes, it's love.  Wow that's not random, that's pretty off the wall....


  1. Love the video of Mick and David. Good memories with that one.

    I know how you feel with that afro story. I have tons of bad hair moments in my history. I'm living with one now....my stylist really scalped me last Friday and without the weight of length my curly hair has gone into hyper-curl and....well, it's just not good.

    1. Ouch... bad haircuts really are the bane of curly haired women folk. Well, to be honest, all women. It's good that it grows relatively fast! My sister and I cut our own hair. That's what the Flappers did! They just tied it back and whacked it off.

  2. Hair seems to be the bane of many of us. I hope you find some comfort and zest, Zippi. (P.S. I am trying to learn to knit. So far massive FAIL.)

    1. Ah yes, Hair, and they wrote a Rock Opera about that. We went to see it back in the day.

      Thank you CountryDew, I'm cycling; it's that old Denial/Anger/Bargaining(that's over)/Acceptance/insanity/netzero reel and it's going very fast. But, I'm almost under control, and then I hare off in some tangent.

      About knitting. Knitting is always that way when you first learn it. Mr. Z was going to learn to knit, but he quit! Don't you do that. Just keep at it, and make little things for a bit.

  3. Sorry you didn't like this week's song. We try to mix it up each week, and you must admit that a current Justin Timberlake hit is different from last week's 67-year-old novelty number.

    Six weeks of bad hair days can feel like an eternity! What a harrowing story.

    1. I apologize for being a mouthy brat. I'd never heard a single Justin Timberlake song so was taken aback by the sizzling sounds in my ears. But I did find the dancing adorable. I loved it!

      Yes, six weeks of bad hair with a Daisy Chain (something that is done for the senior's graduation by junior girls) making and presentation in the middle was harrowing. I looked a little freaky for awhile. lol

  4. I didn't even think of the hair mis-steps I've had over the years. Yikes!

    1. It was soon after that when I decided that I could cut my own hair because I was tired of other people doing it. Mother's hair dresser went back to work after her baby was born and she was the only one who could cut my curly hair properly. She had cut hair, very hush hush, as a sideline for a few friends.

  5. Oh man... I am so glad that those Toni home perms are a thing of the past.

    1. Ewww the Toni home perms were probably even worse! Mother did one on me when I was five and burnt my head. I think she was trying to give me a little more curl. Even now I get ringlets, especially when ocean swimming, so what was she thinking?

  6. Justin Timberlake is not bad with some of his recent stuff. He is a good dance. I have a granny crush on him.

    1. Hiya Katie. Granny crushes are so fine. Maybe I'll just give him another look in.


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