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Friday, November 4, 2016

friday5 Peachy stuff... Nice focus, really, since peaches are still fresh in the memory.....

Go HERE in order to play along.  This one is short and interesting, every single Friday.

friday5!  And a bouquet, this for the blogger/host who has leapt tall buildings to get it back on line.

Five Questions...

1. What’s your favorite way to consume peaches?
Fresh and ripe.  I do eat them dried, too, and canned, but like them best as fresh fruit.

2. To what dish does basil make its best contribution?
Basil makes the most delicious Pesto sauce.  I like to make it with fresh basil, pine nuts, lemon, and olive oil with a little salt.

3. What’s something you’re feeling peachy-keen about?
Well, I could tell you that there is nothing, but let me think.  *tic toc tic toc*  I am getting the Wall of Boxes thrashed out.  Then I'll cover it with Forest Green Sheets, garlands, and lace for the holidays.  

4. What’s a cooking herb you dislike?
There is something, a singular spice or maybe a blend, in Indian food that I cannot bear the smell of.  Therefore I don't eat Indian take out, or even eat in.

2. What’s something in your residence that’s peach-colored or nearly peach-colored?
 That would be a literal shed load of  quilting fabrics. And there's a little teddy bear with glasses on the printer top who is wearing Wolfie's last peach colored necktie as a babushka.  It's really orange but it's wrong side out.

Thanks so much for bringing this meme back to life.  It's one of my five favorites ones.  BIG HUGS!!!


  1. Happy Friday! I, too, was glad it's back in action. I don't care for peaches with their skins.

  2. Thank you, and Happy Friday and weekend, A. I will hopefully do 9ers and thieves this week. Depends on energy. I may need a CafPow to drink. ;o)


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