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Friday, November 11, 2016

Mad about what has happened? Try Tasmania! and check out National Popular Vote links....

Oh, and here's a link from Tasmania that I just found ... This one's fun!  Thanks you Chris!

Forget Canada, Come to Tasmania..

I'm posting the rest of all this STUFFFFFF because it seems critically important to do...  Mr. Z. told me about this...otherwise I'd still be sulking.  Here's a way to fight back!!

It's called National Popular Vote movement, and there's a link at the bottom of this page.

This is a petition you can sign to support the people who have been working since 2013 to insure that the candidate who wins the popular election is assured of the of the electoral college vote.  It was originally started by Lady Gaga.    That link goes to a news story.. expect some back flak, what I call advertising at sites that should know better than to load a page with litter.

This is the link to a petition:


Several states have already made it mandatory that the electoral votes from their states are bound,  by law, to vote for the candidate who receives the highest number of votes.  California is one of them.

This effort was started by National Popular Vote

I think it's time we stood up on our hind legs and roared.

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