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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thursday Thirteen: Round. And a Marble video

I"m really a mess, these retrograde things just seem to happen,  so I couldn't think...

Anywho....I'm showing round things, some of them the marbles from my head.

Superball, Infertile Egg from Poko, Round crystal form from the desert wanderings, little cut crystal ball, and a Sea Urchin.  The remainder are found objects, marbles from everywhere and anywhere.
Count them.  When I first put them on and counted them there were 14, so I removed 2.  Doh!  Then, I erased all the snaps, and put a marble back, and believe me........
I'm almost full funnnnccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhing. again.  ch ch ch Reet!  Reet!  😋

I love round things but especially I love Taws, or the large marbles front and right.  I have only those two.
Here's a video that shows how marbles are both machine and handmade:

I had a rockhound buddy who could make these.
Trés Kewl!

Want to play along?  Go HERE to read more about it and see the Linkie


  1. Fun -- and funny about your counting issues, LOL. Thanks for visiting! :D

    1. I'm having so much scatter-braining going on. It's like it's own disease group! Thanks for your visit, too.

  2. I knew a fellow once who had a huge amount of marbles - thousands of them. They were amazing to see. I wrote an article on him for one of the newspapers I wrote for.

    1. Marbles have been a lifelong passion for me. I'm now jealous of an unknown person who has thousands. Dang! So jealous... hehe

  3. You certainly got around to a well rounded post. :)

    1. Lol! I was at a loss and it turned out better than the 13 candy wrappers with sayings on the back that may still turn up. ;o)


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