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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday9: "Johnny Angel"

 Saturday 9: Johnny Angel (1962)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

Want to join in on the fun?  Go here.  The linky there will serve up all the links to other participants, too.

1) In this song, a girl sings that she'd rather spend a quiet evening at home than go out on a date. How about you? Do you enjoy quiet time? Or do you prefer keeping a busy calendar?
Have to confess, I like it quiet.

2) She dreams of how her life with Johnny would be. What did you most recently daydream about?  Say, I can still sing along to that song.  I really liked/like it.

Actually, I just yesterday had a daydream about becoming a Full-Timer, and getting a new motor home.  I've been restless and want to travel.

3) Shelley never considered herself a singer and is more comfortable acting. A costar on The Donna Reed Show, she was pressured to make this record by the show's producer, who wanted extra exposure for the show by having this song on the radio. Tell us about a time you ventured outside your comfort zone.
When I was asked to give the Eulogy at a friend's funeral.

4) Elvis said she was his favorite leading lady, and she appeared with him in three films. What qualities do you appreciate in a coworker?
Honesty, Thoroughness, and a sense of humor.  I liked it when they worked as hard as I did.

5) She met her close friend and fellow teen star Annette Funicello when they were 12 and attended the same Catechism class. What do you recall from your middle-school years?

Gee, Jr. High is usually a terrible experience for most.  I remember being targeted by a really cruel female student who somehow, don't ask me how, got the job of Editor for the school paper and year book.  She was an equal opportunity Trash Hag, so it wasn't just me who suffered.  This Nasty little piece of work was the only other truly rotten person I ever met besides Psycho Dad, in fact she was just as big a bully as was he.
6) After The Donna Reed Show, Shelly went on to a recurring role on One Day at a Time and was twice nominated for an Emmy for her work on Coach. Her husband is Mike Farrell, who played BJ on M*A*S*H. Which of those four sitcoms would you enjoy binge watching?
I liked M*A*S*H* a lot.  Now that I'm older, not so much, though it sometimes can still make me laugh.

7) In 1962, the year this song was popular, is also the year Jack Nicklaus began his successful pro golf career. Do you enjoy playing golf? Watching it on TV?
I like Jack Nicklaus.  But I don't like to watch Golf.  Don't like to play it either.  I think it's good exercise, and all, but I don't like the game.  However, I LOVE to play Pitch&Putt- the physical game not the on-line one - and Miniature Golf.  Very fun.

TWO Random Questions (especially for Harriet):

8) A 2013 study said most Americans will have 12 romantic relationships in their lifetime. Does this mean you've had more or less than your share?
Gad, yes, much, MUCH less.  And I wouldn't like having that many anyway.  After three, I'd just adopt more dogs and cats.  That statistic is a shame.

9) It's closing time at the mall and you find yourself accidentally locked in a toy store. You call the police and they say someone will be there in about half an hour to rescue you. While you wait, will you play with any toys? (If so, which ones?)
I'd play with the little piano toys and probably some of the dolls big enough for tea parties, and the Barbie dolls and all their clothes, the tea sets, of course the Basketballs, and the soccer balls.  Can you imagine kicking a soccer ball down those long, long aisles?  Fun stuff!


  1. Funny but I remember junior high fondly, while it's high school that causes the horrible flashbacks.

    I'll join you for both miniature golf and Barbie.

    1. High school should have been fun for you. My bet is on "jealousy". High school was bad until PsychoDad lost the property( and our house) and relocated us. Then two years of bliss at school ensued! Well, except for a few teachers.
      See you in the toy store for some serious Barbie sharing.

  2. I've always wanted to get a camper and hit every national part/site (while we still have them.....). One day..

    1. Do it as soon as possible. It's a lot of fun to travel around; it's a butterfly's existence and is a delight.
      I'm afraid of unrest to the degree that we may be restricted by armies, ya know? I'd head for the West. See the West first. We'll roll East to meet you.

  3. As a singleton, it's easy to have had 12 romantic relationships--I'm counting dates that started out well but fizzled.

    1. I completely understand that, Kwizgiver. Plus, Romance is the stuff of legends.
      Women have finally seized the power to conduct their own lives and it is all to the good.
      We've come a long way, Baby.

  4. I never did like Barbie. Or dolls, really. I think I missed out on the gene that makes you want to do that.

  5. But you got that beautiful music gene! You played in a band tHat actually did Gigs!
    I blame being the eldest for the dolly thing, though I still love them and want to make more of them,too.


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