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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday Thirteen: Teeny Tiny, Lovely, and Alive....

Some of these photos have appeared before on this blog. Some are new, but this little grouping seemed to banish my angst for a couple of hours.  Happy Thursday Thirteen!

Make them all BIG!

1. Moss, growing at the base of the Scheffera.

2. Tiny volunteer vine flowers.
I have no idea what this vine is.

3. Tiny succulent flowers from one of my plants
as it came snuggling up to the Bromiliad.

4. Newly Hatched Plover Chicks
Morro Bay at Elkhorn Slough
5. BlueEyed grass, and seeds, growing at the Rec Center
In situ

6. Another Dwarf mammillaria cactus,
 and it's equally tiny flower
7. A true "Belly Flower"
8. Tiny Scarlet Pimpernel in the Cactus garden

9. Belly flower wild daisies
10.  3/4th inch wide wildflower Morning Glory vine,
street side.
11.  One of my Dwarf Mammillaria
with it's 1/8th of an inch blossoms
12. The yellow-flowering Dwarf Mammillaria
13. Rosa Californica at Elk horn Slough, Morro Bay.
Buds are smaller than the tip of a pinkie.


  1. A beautiful grouping for sure, ZK. Those chicks are priceless!

    1. Thank you Jeanna. Your photo blog is amazing!
      And yes, these little chicks are very priceless, since they are from a species that is severely endangered. The man holding them is a guardian for the beach they are on.

  2. I liked this post a little.

    1. Lol.. thanks I think, Ron? hahahaha too fluffy?

  3. Thank you for that! We still don't know what it is. But it has lacy tiny leaves, too. I say, "God Bless the weeds!"

  4. The chicks peeps are so cute .... and little!

  5. Yes very tiny. They had just hatched that morning in the lower part of Elk Horn Slough, near Moss Landing( not Morro Bay. I didn't remember correctly.)
    The Snowy Plover sanctuary is right across from the boat basin out along the ocean side. Their Mamma must have liked the lower part of Elk Horn . Maybe it seemed more Upscale? Teehee.


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