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Saint Augustine

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Blog Maintenance, a rambling Rant, and a little Rosie O...

Today the sun is shining and it's a good day.  Though it is still pretty cold for March in SoCal, the day temps are in the 70's.  The overnight temp was 52 and those of you who know that Lizards need the morning sun to warm up, also know that it has been raining.

I've added security to this blog.  You will no longer see a warning about it, but should see the Secure lock.  I'm truly sorry if that means you are unable to leave a comment because I like hearing from you.  But I do understand.  Thank you for reading here all the same.

 I just went looking for the weather and ended up hearing Rosie O'Donnell's pre-state of the Union call to arms about Trump.

This Bigot, whom we didn't elect, is nothing but a fringe player, and is not really a Republican but part of an un-indicted shady network that is, apparently intent on forcing Armageddon.
Have they not heard? It's coming will be sudden?  And, it cannot be forced.
"For yourselves know perfectly, that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night."
Frankly, we still have a chance to save our environment, but with this Cross-purposed elite empire in the foyer of Power,  I'm losing hope that it can be done.  But then, the resistance movement IS growing.  Politics should never be yet misconstrued as Human Rights.  Nor should it ever be seen as a friend to Mother Earth unless those in power are visionaries, like Teddy Roosevelt.

The Old healthcare system, conceived in the Nixon presidency as "good for business" is not good for people, and never came into being because it was good for patients. And, yes, I heard these words right out of that Errant Republican's mouth.

This "Good For Business" system let my daughter die, along with thousands of other people, and it cannot be allowed to come roaring back.  We'll see you in Court!

Like President Obama, I also believe that the contorted system we do have now would have been a lot better if Bernie Sanders had not been so hyper resistant.  The Insurance companies are still stuck, right in the middle, between the doctor and the patient and raking in money for nothing.  Our money should be spent on US!  It's our money!  It shouldn't be enriching fat cats!  Nor should it serve as grease for the military/industrial revolving door!

Don't let anyone fool you with their yammering about Mandatory Spending vs Discretionary Spending.  That's nothing but a ploy by those who are well positioned to pig out at the public trough.

Other blog related moves:

I'm working on the "Some of My Favorite Blogs" blog, and will soon re-link it in the side bar.
here is one that is on it:

The Textile Traveler Blog is from My Favorite Blogs page.

There is a new blog, too, and the Trumpy Dumpty page link will go to it.  Anything about Trump will go on a new blog.  He doesn't deserve the time of day, but I don't want to lose the news, or have it junking up this blog, either.


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