Living in the Present

~❤️~"The Heart Hath it's Own Memory"~❤️~
William Wadsworth Longfellow

The present is best.
It only lasts a fraction of time.
The past can be a weird load of both Terror and Trivia.
And, the future is amorphous.
I'll take the Present.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Whispers, "Lonely". Shhh


  1. My goodness! I hope he finds a friend soon!

    1. So do I, Linda. He was the only one in his enclosure three years ago. He's at the San Francisco Aquarium. I need to get back there.

  2. He is the same color as the tree!

    1. He's very good at that, Suzi. heehee. Poor little fellow. I'm going to check up on him right now.


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