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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Random Thoughts and other poking, here and there, around the internet.

1. I hope that the Hindus and Buddhists are wrong.  I do NOT want to come back here again.  I'm done, so stick a fork in me.

2. Maybe the Earth is flat and this Universe thinga is all a grand illusion.
Since far too many humans seem to be two dimensional in their thinking, perhaps we become "real humans" if we actually use four?
And, for that matter, why can't we step into three dimensional TVs, some of which are just begging us to do so?

3. Einstein had the data to suggest that there were actually 26 more dimensions other than the "Fab Four".  So, if anyone should know, my money's on his knowledge and not some random preacher. saying, "Worlds within worlds", etc, or, the buggy connection in the CERN particle smasher in 2011.
Read more HERE  about some Quantum Mechanics who tried.  I slogged through it, and I'm no rocket scientist, so I think you can, too.

4. How did chaos take over my life? It didn't even knock on the door but just whirled right in, making demands!  Where's that bug spray?!

5. In the bread and circuses world of NeoRoman emperors, will sanity and common decency, or even Democracy, stand a chance?

6. With all our radar, etc, can an asteroid really sneak up on us?  Will we see it in time to knock it for a loop?  Maybe some of the big Space Angels will knock it aside and give us time to clean up our messes.
or... Maybe Krishna will come strolling through the universe which he coughed out several days ago(to him) on an after creation inspection tour. And, upon seeing the earth, he will pronounce it "spoiled" and crush it into small bits between his thumb and forefinger.

7. Love is the answer to what question?

8. Will true love save America?  And, just where IS that Paladin sent to save us?

9. Who gets to eat at a Piano bar, and is the food any good?  At Oyster bars at least you know what you are getting.

10. If there are so many dimensions, why, Oh WHY don't the other ones share their teleporters?  Selfish Brats!

11.  How much chocolate will kill you?

12.   Has  Lord Yama (gonna getcha?) come to live amongst us, and do we just not know it?

Wikipedia for the Lord of Death
13.  Does anyone else wish they had the wings of a dove, to fly away and make a new home?  Have you got a place in mind?  I still long to live in the Big Sur artist's community.


  1. Now those are some serious questions. I shall have to return to this to contemplate when I have more time.

  2. I decided to go out with a bang. Thanks for the fun, CountryDew!

  3. What a ride! #5 is a good question. The Quantum Mechanics link was over my head but I love the stuff I can understand, like the fact that matter is mostly empty space and all things are one.

    1. Mz. Toad's wild ride, is one thing to call this, eh?
      And to be honest, about #3, when was the last time anyone needed a quantum mechanic?
      #5 was dead easy, if you take past history as a clue. Jayzus!! What a motley krew we are landed with!


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