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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday Thirteen- the Veggie Dirty Dozen plus One....

This is a collection of 13 foods, compiled by a website devoted to helping people who want to know what's in their food so that even if they cannot afford to buy ALL "organic" they can stop feeding their families the worst of crops.

Also, while searching for emoji to plug in, I found the Emoji Dictionary!  I'm stoked.

I present you The "Dirty Dozen" List, from the Environmental Working Group, with a thirteenth veggie (cucumbers) added from the extended list of 46.  The whole group goes from Worst to Still Bad.

Happily, that site also lists a group of foods that are on a list called "The Clean Fifteen" so this is now linked here, too.

But now, back to the "The Dirty Dozen".  Our family will buy these "Dragons" only as Organic.

I say Dragons, because I'm old enough to remember the ad campaign by Sunkist where a dragon comes roaring out of an Orange a little boy is peeling, the orange not, of course, being from the Sunkist group of growers.  It was a very successful ad campaign, but had nothing to say about pesticide load.

The Dirty 13.

1. Strawberries 🍓

2. Spinach 🌴

3. Nectarines🍑

 4. Apples 🍏

5. Peaches 🍑

6. Pears 🍐

7. Cherries 🍒

8. Grapes  🍇

9. Celery 

10. Tomatoes 🍅

11. Sweet Bell Peppers 🔔

12. Potatoes 🥔

13. Cucumbers 🥒


  1. I knew about grapes and celery. I can't understand why pesticides would be needed to grow cuke or potatoes. They grow so easily without much care, at least here.

    1. Sorry this got long. My hobby horse ran away with me.
      I reckon that Idaho potatoes (Russets) are probably the worst potato crop because of how and where they are grown. And Cukes wouldn't sell if they are marred in the least, thus they are loaded down with poisons to kill nibblers. Strawberries are terrible because they are grown in soil fumigated with Methyl Bromide and chloropicrin. If organic growers can eliminate these things so can others. They should be wary of what their produce is doing to children, and the ozone layer that protects us all.

  2. Thanks for the info, Z, but why is celery giving you the giggles?

    1. You're welcome Ron. the celery thing: lol Ron. It's because the Tree for the celery came out HUGE at first. Over night it literally shrunk several sizes. Weird, but it happens.

  3. I've never grown potatoes, but the one year I grew cucumbers, they multiplied like weeds and I hardly cared for them at all. (I'm a horrible gardener! LOL!)

    1. That's because they are vines, Nicole, and just did what all good vines do!
      You are not a terrible gardener, as you do have good garden soil, and your Cukes prospered from it. So, I say, "Pish Posh". :-)

  4. Great list. Of course, we are all doomed anyway, so I am not sure it matters what one eats anymore. But two thumbs up for trying!

    1. I thank thee, kind friend. I will keep on trying until I say "tata" to the Mother Earth forever. I expect you will, too.


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