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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tuesday Tails: Mom and pups rescue video, and update on Wolfie.

Healing the Heart.

Scoop on the pooch

Tuesday last week, Wolfie was doing poorly.  He started having "accidents" in the house, which has never happened before.

Ex-Rays  on Thursday revealed that he had an intestinal obstruction since Tuesday, and this occurred after his stealing a napkin and eating part of it.  That's not surprising since he spent a looonnggg time living on the streets fending for himself in central San Diego. If we hadn't got him to the vet on time, he would have died.
This little guy had been kicked around for the first five years of his life, before we got him, and his insides must have taken trauma because he has two broken, out of place, ribs, as well as a tail broken in two places.  We knew he would have issues, and we're just really glad to have found him and glad we could help him have a better life.

He's 13 years old sometime this year.  We mark it as October 26th since that is the day we brought him home.  We want our sweet little guy to be around for as many more years as is possible.

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  1. Glad you caught the obstruction in time. Kudos to you for rescuing that sweetie way back when.


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