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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday 13: Sharing bits of Unearthed treasure, as well as a generalized Blah Blah.

While gathering things that go to the centrifugal caster that I'm giving my daughter, I came across another box of materials that brought back memories.  And some that brought back no memories at all!  Mon Deux!
AND,Before I forget again,  HERE'S A LINK back to the T13 site.

A teacher posted a mass of someecards, and they are hilarious.  HERE's a link to Forgetfulone's T13.  Lol!  And one of the cards.  heehee

Why did I make a wire nest decorated with beads?  Was it part of a larger piece?  I will not be able to remember why.  I've lost a lot of memories from the time I was making things to sell.  Usually an artisan can remember every single tiny detail of making something.  Or, at least, I could.  I can still remember the picture of a castle with the words under it announcing the Battle of Hastings, 1066 that we learned about in Jr. High.  Why such useless stuff sticks is something psychiatry has probably answered but I've never read about it.  Or, did I read it and then forget?

The Thursday Thirteen List:  Yawn!

1.  The most beautifully dyed eggs I've ever seen. Besides, that is, the fabulous variations on Pysanky Eggs.

Source is in the Picture.  This is a wonderful blog.
2. Part of the contents of a plastic tray found while cleaning up the jewelry bench area.  I was completely agog at these because I'd forgotten they were there.
Starting at the bottom left and continuing around the circle: mixed beads for earrings. (forget the things in the middle, they are all for wire wrapping.  Rose freshwater pearls, Silver Fresh water pearls, Ecru fresh water pearls, Garnet beads, Soda-lite beads-both the real deal, Large lamp-work beads.

Starting from the left center, some of  the wire wrap materials found:  A nodule of common agate, a nodule of Australian Opal in matrix, Banded agate, Spotted agate cabochon, Mother of Pearl piece, and a Rhodonite heart dangler.  Here's a better picture of the center things.  I removed the Quartz druzy, and the Amethyst and that large quartz crystal from the mix.  Only God knows why, as I've stopped asking Him any questions.  I don't want the answers unless He's willing to just shout them down to me.

3.  I've joined Instagram and so far am liking it.  If they don't stop gumming up the feed with ads, I'm going to get rid of it though.  Another thing is that I can't upload a picture from anything but my camera phone or iPad.  WTH is that about?

4. I'm starting to feel over exposed on social media.  Gah!  Twitter and now this??? But, so far, so "Fun".  If there's a downside it could be this:
Pinterest page
 5.  When I think my life is tough, I just think of all the little babies who are born who ARE NOT WANTED!

6.  As you know, I was looking at all the Easter Egg dyeing sites and found this from McCormick.  I think their chart is great for dying yarn as well as eggs.  Dyeing yarn is also on the Craft Bucket List.  But that is another publication.  If craft things bore you, please feel free to ignore my T-13's.  Then I can stop writing them and get to work!

7.  You can easily do this yourself, but I'll do it for you. Here's a Link to the entire Google Array of photos of Pysanky Eggs

8.  My old Juki serger and I are getting re-introduced.  Aye yai yai!  It's old and built like a tank.  I still love it.  But it is a brass plated Kvetch to work with.  Wow!  Sort of like me!

9. Mz. Betty sings "Oh, The Music goes round and round" (and it comes out here).  Only substitute the word ,Thread" for, "The Music"

10.  What I'd like to go watch right now.  Waves always sooth me.  I hope to spend some time watching them the next few weeks.

11.  The book I'm reading is pretty exciting and well written but there is a place where the heroine says something about "Abraham and the Burning Bush".  What the Dickens?  The book is called, The Midwife's Revolt.  Where were her editors?  That's pretty revolting, I reckon.

12.  I thought I'd leave this blank and see if anyone noticed.   Of course, we could have a gratuitous photo of a puppy...
Go HERE for the whole pack of Google puppy pix.
 This is a piece of azurite/malachite mixed together.  It's from the Bisbee mines in Arizona. That was also in the box of beads.  It's as big as a man's palm.


  1. I used to make jewelry for a living and worked in a bead shop! My son set me up with Instagram, knowing how much I love to take pictures, but I found it only useful for the phone and I don't "operate" from my phone. I once blew eggs and painted and decorated them. Not so much crafty these days, unless you count poetry. I sometimes feel overexposed too, but it passes.

    1. Hello fellow artisan!
      Now, your Poetry is an Art, make now mistake.
      I'm finding that Instagam is a good way to keep in touch with my family, but it certainly is limited. I might not keep it.

  2. You know Thursday 13 is not an obligation, right? You just do it if you're having fun with it. But I certainly enjoy reading your entries. And I loved the bead photos. I always wanted to be one of those people who could make things.

  3. It makes me happy to know that you enjoy reading my entrees. You are an artist, one who crafts beautifully with words.
    I do enjoy Thursday 13. So I'll keep doing them as long as more 13 lists come to mind. Or a bus gets me. lol

  4. I'm so glad you liked my post! Thank you! I loved yours. The Easter eggs are gorgeous as are the other gems you posted. The Pinterest quote about people living their lives as if it's a status update... I know someone who does that, and it's just sad. But true. Thanks for visiting me and linking up with me!

    1. I'm glad you are posting with us in this meme. Thursday thirteen is always a fun. I'm glad you liked the post and that it wasn't boring. I think mine are limited and repetitive, that's why I said, "Yawn". You've cheered me up! 😁


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