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Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday Musings: Whose Memorial Day?

Remember to be Kind to each other.....we're all going to need this in the days to come!

You're going to need your friends because the government has  revealed, glaringly, that it lies on even the most elemental levels. Let's talk "Recruitment", for instance.... These soldiers, and hundreds like them, were green card holders, legal residents, and "dreamers".

Mexicans who served in the United States Army in Vietnam and Iraq under the promise of becoming citizens and ended up as deportees take part in a protest while commemorating the Memorial Day, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on the border with El Paso, Texas, on May 29, 2017. (AFP PHOTO / HERIKA)

An excerpt from the Washington Post article:
Seven members of Congress are planning to do that on Saturday during a visit to Tijuana, Mexico to meet with U.S. military veterans who’ve been deported south of the border. The veterans are either green-card holders, or legal permanent residents, or “dreamers” who’ve been deported because they committed minor, nonviolent crimes or somehow got caught up in the immigration system’s cross hairs. In most cases, they were eligible for citizenship but didn’t pursue it or misunderstood that the applications process wouldn’t be any easier for them just because they served in uniform.
The lawmakers, all Democrats and members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, plan to visit the Deported Veterans Support House in hopes of building support for legislation that would allow the veterans to return to the United States, obtain a green card and eventually apply for citizenship.
Read about this in the Washington Post HERE

If we cannot, as a Country, keep our word to our soldiers, we are defunct as a Nation of Honor.  I personally know that recruiters for the armed services mislead young men into believing that they would be made U.S. citizens if they served this country.  Instead, hundreds were deported after their service.  

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