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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Sunday Stealing: The "Put your Questions in a Box" Questions

First of all:  I would like to say a BIG Thank YOU to Bev for carrying on with this!
And, that if you would like to join in and see other entries, Go HERE

And a BIG HUG for you, Bev!

1. Where were you three hours ago?
This is being done at 1 pm on Saturday.  So, I was in the Gym, learning Myofacial Release techniques from a trainer.

2. Make a confession.
I confess that I'm struggling with anger issues.  The are starting to spill over and that has to stop.

3. Bad habits?
My worst habit is that I don't give a hoot about so many things anymore that I appear to be lazy.

4. Favorite color?
It has to be Blue.  I like it coming and going, year in and year out. I used to think it (meaning the favorite) was all the rainbow of colors.  But, it's really just blue.

5. Can you drive?
A car, yes, a buggy no.  A boat, yes, a ship, no.  A Mac Truck, no.  I can't drive a bargain either.  I hate bargaining.  I'm really BAD at it!

6. 3 pet peeves.
A. Why can't they live longer? They live a long time, but not long enough.  Elle said that when Jazzie died.
B. Why do they take their own sweet time when you tell them, "Come!"?
C. Why is it that every time you don't want them to come jam their hot little bodies into the chair next to you, they do anyway AND it's the chair that isn't big enough for the both of you?  Thank God for AC!

7. Last person you hugged.
My sweet Hubby.

8. Something you miss.
Being in the kitchen making things with my daughters.  Christmas Cookies, Tacos, Enchiladas, teaching them to make Tortillas.  All that stuff.  Pie and Cake baking.  Candy making.  

9. What song is stuck in your head at the moment?
Sorry there just isn't one today.  I had an ear worm for a few days but subsequent developments have made it flee.

10. Favorite quote.
It's a Midwestern saying I learned from my Big Brother/Neighbor,  "The first hundred years are the hardest."

11. Favorite band.
My favorite is the Symphonic.  But, actually, I have no single favorite.  I do like Metal Bands but I also like Blue Grass Bands.  Let's just say, "The Gamut".

12. Some thing you're excited for.
Getting rid of things. I'm also tepidly excited about finishing that Aran sweater so I can move on.

13. Favorite movie.
I have to no current "Favorite".  And , it's very hard to pick an all time favorite. 
We just watched a true story about an African girl who had her life changed when a teacher taught her to play chess.  That's my current favorite.  Here's a link to "Queen of Katwe"  
Teachers have the power to change lives.  Bless their hearts when they take the time!

14. What type of phone do you have?
I have a land line and cell.  The land line: the time when it was the only thing that worked due to an 18 hour power outage convinced us that our decision to keep it was right.

15. Favorite animal.
Earthlings, meaning ALL of them.... even that horrid little bipedal ape who thinks he's the best thing since God sliced up the Bread fruit tree in Eden.


  1. You have a very kind heart to like all earthlings. :-) I hope you finish your sweater. I just finished knitting another scarf except I need to cast off on it and have to rewatch a video to remember how to do it. I think it is my last scarf for a while. I am going to try crocheting.

    1. Actually its the hardest thing to do, to keep likening all humans, though the "Other Earthlings" are very easy.
      Thanks about the sweater. And congrats on finishing the second scarf. You'll like crochet, I think. I'm betting it's in your DNA. ❤️
      Have a happy week CountryDew.

  2. Myofacial release...is that for any injury?
    Your "pet" peeves cracked me up! I'm always telling Daisy if she was any closer to me she'd be on the other side.
    I had hoped to have fun times of baking Christmas cookies, at least, with the grandkids, but so far that hasn't really played out due to the uneasy relationship with their mom. Perhaps I will have that with my daughter's kids. The relationship is very different so far.
    Me thinks your anger issues might be stemming from "that horrid little bipedal ape." LOL What a title!

    1. It's for the wear and tear of many injuries, occurring over decades, and finally coming home to roost, Stacy.
      I think you are right about the bipedal ape issues. I'm taking a cue from my tortoises, and pulling into my shell.

  3. We keep our landline for emergencies and the fact that I can hear others better on a landline than I can a cell phone.

  4. That's what we found out to, Shannon. Emergencies, there is nothing like a land line. As you say, Cell phones are very hard to hear on, unless you use ear buds and who wants to be bothered to do that?

    I'm wishing you a lovely week. Healing and restoration. And some BIG HUGS, too.

  5. Completing a sweater--what an accomplishment! I'm working on a shawl that feels like it's never ending!

    1. Hi my fellow knitter! This terrible Aran is the last one I'll ever make. I'm glad it's almost done. Shawls are also pretty hard. They are another thing I'll never make again. Well, the big ones. Give me boot socks any day!


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