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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Random Stuff: Blog changes I'm trying, singing bowls... Native American flute

I've decided that, to cut down on the false number of comments which embarrasses me a little, all comments will be answered a day or so after a meme post so that I can do the @ "so and so" thing, like Instagram sort of does.  So, if you subscribe to comments on the blog, you will see it.

I'll try to keep up the 4 meme's each week, WW, T13, Saturday9 and Sunday Stealing.  Try is the watchword.
But Tuesday Tails will be sporadic at best.  I will post adorable pictures of our aging little mutt, though.

I like the blog, the longest running diary I've ever kept.  But I'm becoming anxious over not getting enough exercise, and not getting rid of habitat clutter in a timely way.  Today I got rid of more magazines and am freeing up space to work as fast as possible.  I like to re-cycle almost everything that IS recyclable.  Nothing makes any sense but to do that anymore.  We are going to pay a big price for not taking extra care of our Planet at this point.  It's almost too late.  And, if Steven Hawking is right, it is too late.  Hope the ultra sucky rich like Mars!

Here and there SOMETHING that is fun or funny will hit my eye and that will be in a random post.  Random it will be.... sorry.  Pressing issues.

These are my life savers..... The tones of these really calm me down, and settle my wonky heart.

DH bought me two singing bowls.  The small one is a replacement for my heart Chakra, and the larger one is one is called, "Third Eye".  I wanted that one when we first saw them all.  The manufacturer is different, but the bowl sounds pretty nice though it's harder to play.  The little one is the twin of the one we gave to Gee.  I tried, and failed to make a video stick in here.  Oh well....

And then,  there is this....

I love them both these stress busting practices.


  1. Those bowls are gorgeous! What a neat way to find peace.

  2. Loved listening to the video. So calming!!

  3. Zippi KitJuly 9, 2017 at 10:40 PM
    @ Kwizgiver: They really influence your mood. What ever the reason, it is a very calming practice. And, they really are beautiful, too.
    @Paula Kaye: Glad you liked the video. Over time, I've successfully learned to let it take me away, and the native American flute, as well.

    Now we'll see if this @ thing actually works. Lol


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