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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sunday stealing: Freckles and Other Oddities, and some little rants.

Freckles and other oddities

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing which originated on  
WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser.
 Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. You may have heard the expression, “honor among thieves”. In that age-old tradition, we try to credit the blog that we stole it from, if possible. We also provide a link to the victim's questions in our "Previous Victims" widget. (It's our way of saying "Thanks!") Sometimes we edit the original meme, to make it more relevant to our global players, to challenge our players, to select the best questions, or simply to make it less repetitive from recently asked questions from a previously post. Cheers to all of us thieves!

I found this on a site called "my-bitter-soul" which now appears to be predominately for anime, but has the occasional meme as well.  He says he originally got it from a blog called "All My Answers," which has apparently been deleted.

Gals and Guys?  Go HERE to play along or read other postings.

Do You Have Freckles? 
A. Yes I do.  I no longer have them on my face so much as they are all over my legs and forearms. The kids are/were all freckled. too. DH has freckles too.  It's a family affair.

Do You Sleep With Your Closet Doors Open Or Closed?
A. Buhahahaha!  I AM the monster in the closet.  Why would I close them?  

Can You Whistle?
Yes, and very well,  It's that pesky Welsh Ancestral who "gae me" this talent.

Did You Wake Up Cranky today?
A. Yesterday yes, but this morning not so much.  Tomorrow though, when this publishes, we'll just have to see.

Zodiac Sign.
A.  I'm in the cusp between Sagittarius and Capricorn, by three hours.

What Is Your Eye Color?
A. Sort of a light and golden brown.  Could be age.  But I don't think so.  The blacker my hair, the lighter my eyes were.

Take A Vitamin Daily?
Friends, I take many vitamins and supplements.  It's very Californian to be this way, and I will not apologize. *wink* I trusted my last doctor a lot, and even she found a supplement for me after the last surgery.  She respected my quest for natural things, I think.  She was wonderful.  My new one is, too. I'm lucky, since Leaving the Evil Kaiser, to have found them.  My sister has Kaiser and they are doing nothing for her.  She has Parkinson's and they act like she is a hypochondriac.  I HATE THEM.  In the twenty years I was there, they didn't detect that I had two auto immunes that were easily detected ones - IF they had bothered to test!  Now they are letting my sister suffer and I am mad as hell.  Sue me.

Do You Sing In The Shower?
Sometimes.  Really almost never now.

What Did You Have For Lunch?
I had and apple and a half cup of mixed nuts.

Do You Watch The Olympics?
I did so until a few times ago.  The last things I did watch were 2 Olympics ago, and I watched women swimming contest.  My little nieces are Ace Water Polo players, and that sort of inspired me.

Do You Prefer To Swim In A Pool Or The Ocean?
I prefer the Ocean.

Bottled Water Or Tap Water?
We filter water, and refill our bottled waters.

Do You work Better With Or Without Music?
I like it quiet.

Can You Curl Your Tongue?
Yes, but, Gal, I tried that thing with a cherry stem and I am in AWE that you can tie one in a knot with your tongue.

Is There Anything Pink Within 10 Feet Of You?
Good Lord, There must be seventeen things!  I will NEVER give up Pink things!

Have You Ever Caught A Butterfly?
Yes, I used to catch them when I was a kid.  We always let them go but it was fun until we found out that just touching them wore out the "dust" on their wings.  We quit catching them.  Our mother was a great teacher of respect for all living things.  She might have been a farm girl but she was inordinately kindly.

Are You Easily Influenced By Other People?
No.  They can say what they want, but I still have to run it through my own data miner to figure out if it's going to become part of my program.

Do You Have Strange Dreams?
Sure, I've had a few very strange dreams, more visions, but doesn't every one?  And no, I do not take drugs ever.  And I discount ANY dream I had while on that wicked, God Awful, Percocet.  

Do You Like Going On Airplanes?
I love Airplanes but I don't want to fly anymore.  

Name One Movie That Made You Cry.
I'd be better off trying to name one that DIDN"T.  And that would be, the Mad Max movies.

Peanuts Or Sunflower Seeds?
Sunflower seeds.  I like my peanuts spreadable.

If I Handed You A Concert Ticket Right Now, Who Would You Want The Performer To Be?
Anyone?  I'd like to see Joe Cocker.  Yes, I know he's dead.  But the show must go on, right?
I love LOVE this guy.
He was never given credit for his HUGE influence on Style, one that was akin to Sinatra's.

Are You A Picky Eater?
No, but don't try to give me black eyed peas.  I can't stand those things!

Are You A Heavy Sleeper?
Not at all.  I have so much trouble sleeping that it's hard for me to take NAPS!

Do You Fear Thunder / Lightning?
Not in the least.  And our house has actually been hit by lightning.  I'm sure a hurricane or tornado would change my mind, but not a thunderstorm like we have here.

Do You Like Your Music Loud?
I have tired ears.  And so now the answer is an emphatic, "HELL NO!"  I have to yell to hear myself these days.

Would You Rather Carve Pumpkins Or Wrap Presents?
I actually would rather dye Easter Eggs.

What’s The Next Movie You Want To See In Theaters?
You going to be giving me a 57 inch TV?  I'll never again go to a theater to watch a movie.  

Been On The Computer For 5 Hours Straight?
Only when we were waiting for a house to fall (IDOC-in danger of collapse) or running with our old guild in UO.

Do You Like Meeting New People? 
I do, actually.  I just won't stick around if there is no where to sit or if the music is so loud that everyone is shouting and still can't be heard.  I just went through that this weekend. But this guy scares me.  If he's there, I am so GONE!

What Are Three Things You Did Today?
Let's see.  I ran outside and screamed, "FIRE!"  
I called the police to report a neighbor who was mowing their lawn before 7 am.  
I held up the local liquor store and blamed it on DH.  I won't split the money either, even when he gets out of prison.  
Oh wait, I thought you said three BAD things you did today.  Sorry.  I really did think that's what the question was.  AND, it was so much fun to type all that I'm not going to take it back, either.

What Do You Wear To Bed?
I wear midi knit nightgowns that look like very long Wallace Beery.  You youngins will know them as a "Henley."  Actually the oldest name is supposed to be "Henley" which stems from HERE that is if WIKI isn't lying.  They even make them for little kids!  How fun is that?

Do You Wear Jeans Or Sweats More?
Sweat pants with a T.

Name Something That Relaxes You.
A half a bottle of Tequila.
Other than that there is always being dead tired from being up 74 hours straight.  


  1. My father joined Kaiser in 1953 and that is the only medical system I have ever known. Fortunately, I have had no serious problems(and you can't beat $60 per childbirth!) In these days of uncertainty about medical covrage, I am happy to still have it 60 years later!

    1. It's very good to hear that you've had good care all these years. Northern regions may be better than here.
      Here, Kaiser is horrid for the most part. They are trying to compete with Scripps and with UCSD, which is "no contest". Kaiser is a major fail, but they get a lot of people like my sister, who is now on SS.
      I actually had a great pediatrician at Kaiser, a well respected doctor, but one doctor took bloody fluid out of my daughter Elle's knee, and didn't order any other tests! Also, it was when I started having serious health problems that they fell off the rails, and with my sister, well, the way she is being treated is monstrous. The ASPCA would have treated her better. I would advise anyone to avoid getting Kaiser if they have chronic illnesses.

  2. I loved your answers to what you have done today. You have had a busy morning! Wish I had been with you.

    1. Yes, good partners in crime, and other naughtiness, are hard to find, and you'd be perfect!
      I really did misread it and thought," what a wheeze! I'll go for it!"

  3. Ugh....medical things are a huge frustration to me right now. I hope things get better for your sister.
    Your answer about what you did today cracked me up. I always enjoy your answers...you always manage to catch me by surprise with at least one answer. I think you might be a bit mischievous. I like that in you. :)

    1. Wishing you good luck on the healthcare. May you have great doctors and some right answers!
      About the "what did you do" question: I really did misread that and thought it said "bad" things.
      I'm pretty jovial around people I'm comfortable with, and that would be y'all at Sunday Stealing.
      And,well yes, the "misread" might be that my brain and 👀 's don't communicate properly, but that's a story for another time!

  4. Your day sounds very exciting. Sorry about your sister, glad you got out of that and are doing better.

    1. Thank you, Vicki.
      My exciting day was a fluke of Nature, but ended well enough in a kookie story! Happy Sunday!

  5. Oh Zippi--I know we would be such fun together!

    1. We'd have a blast, Kwizgiver! And I'll start a pair of socks so we don't have to haul around the brain busting Aran sweater while we cavort!


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