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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday 13: Wolfie

!.  Wolfie arrives home... He's had a rough two to three years wherever he's been.  Now he has his forever home, and I am so thankful that I spotted him on the SD pound website.  He's completely adorable!

2. Three or four months have passed and his coat is coming back in.  All the bald spots are filling in.  He's looking so much better.

3. At six months and begging for a treat.  He doesn't actually beg but he will sit.  No one ever played with this little dog or taught him any commands or tricks.  It's heart breaking that this is so.  He's a wonderful little guy and eager to please.  And, he's very smart!
His ear hair is growing longer.  His eyes are bright but still have a little of the haunted look.  He's very skittish and afraid of all loud noises.  He's found that he can hide under the bed now and he goes there regularly in thunderstorms or on trash days.

4. At one year.  He is thoroughly a Pappa's Boy by now, and this is as it should me.  Jazzie was so focused on ME that Mr. Z. felt left out of the dog pack.  Look at those worried little eyes on Wolfie as he wonders if his Alpha Dog is coming back from the hunt anytime soon!

5.  Now it's very hard to figure out the pictures because every time I modified a picture the date was changed.  but I'll keep trying to get this right.  This is wolfie sometime in 2011.  He is thoroughly happy, but still goes nuts at New Years, Fourth of July and not quite so much on trash days.

6. Wolfie and Mr.T at Fourth of July, 2010 or so.   MrT. being the well behaved Gentleman of the duo, waits patiently to be able to test out this new playmate, who doesn't want anything new, ever, if it doesn't come with a treat attached.

7. Kicking back and waiting for something to happen.  Hoping, must likely, that a tidbit or two will land close to their noses.  Barbecue smells always drive dogs wild!  "Hush, Puppies!"

8.  All told, he had a happy, and sweet Fourth.  No booms or flashy flashy stuff!
He's a most happy Fella!

9. Sometime in all this hubbub, Wolfie was entered in a contest when a friend clued me in!  He got quite a few votes but was way behind in the race.  That's OK.  I am thankful that he didn't know anything about it because he was then not disappointed by the outcome. No day after the election blues for this little guy!

He got Lots and LOTS of cuddling from both the twins.

And lots of Lovely car rides to places he loves.
Though he didn't get to go to the beach again.
He goes nuts at the beach but it was a little too cold in January.
11. Head Trauma.  Wolfie was hit by a car at some point between his carefree days of Barbeques and Christmas visits.  It was a miracle that he was not hit hard enough to cause him lasting trauma or to kill him.  He took off after a neighbor across the street, and I realized right away that he would come right back when his friend, our neighbor, dived into his car window, kicking his legs wildly so that Wolfie could get the full joy of accomplishment.  Our other neighbor was driving by and saw me in the street and was able to come almost to a halt before Wolfie, a black dog on a darkly lit street darted back across it.  He winged himself on the under carriage that was hardly moving at all.  He did get a big head ache and some stitches, and the bragging rights to a scar.
The night of... After he'd been stitched up by the Emergency vets

A few months later, he's healed but now I have a scar.
 A very big one.  Happiness is a warm puppy, though.

13.  MrZ has finally got a dog that is mostly his, all his.  I think it's sweet.
Relaxing after a hard day of walks and romps.


  1. The way he winged hmself on the undercarriage reminds me of a deer in Yellowstone that did his best to ram my car. Only at hghway speeds.

    Looks like Wolfie landed right where he needed to be.

    1. Indeed, Alice, he was . Hitting a deer is not good for it or for you! Glad it missed you. Or you missed it..
      This thing with Wolfie was terrible and very scary. After being hit, he screamed and sat spinning around in circles and then collapsed. DH scooped him up, and I ran away screaming. But all was well, in the end. We are super careful that he never gets away from us now.

  2. Gotta agree with Alice. The Wolfman's a lucky dog.

    1. He sure is one lucky little guy, as you say. We are thankful. - very thankful - that it turned out so well.


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