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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuesday Tails.. Buffalo back on the Wind River Rez, and a video made of their return to Ft. Peck Reservation in 2012 and a rant.

This Monumental event came under all the National News "Radar", so fixated are they all on the Bread and Circuses (or maybe it's more like Dog and Pony shows?) occurring in Washington D.C.. We have a Nero of our own, fiddling away, but I'll let that lie.  For now, I want to celebrate this event.

The story is published in the magazine from the National Wildlife Federation, one of the agencies that worked together to bring this return into being.  Also, it's  HERE on their website, along with a video of the return of the Buffalo.

Here is a video about the return of Buffalo to The Ft. Peck Reservation. 2012 in Montana.

And even more, and thus begins a rant....

Native American music:  Ly O Lay Ale Loya - Circle Dance  May be about the Circle of Life, not sure. but it is a Circle Dance, in a circle it is danced.

Native American people know a lot about a Spiritual way of life.  They've lived here on this continent thousands of years longer than the descendants of the European hordes.

Sadly, those invaders saw an empty land, which of course it was not.  George Page, who created the popular and long running show, "Nature" on PBS, called this relentless brutality, "The annihilation of the Native American People".  My European ancestors participated in the near extinction of several tribes from Canada to California.

To their hapless descendants, and I am one, please bear in Mind, this rant isn't about you.  You were not born yet, and, like me, not responsible.  It's about what happened, and about who did it, and it's about making amends.  It was so very wrong.  It must never, ever happen again!  I am also Native American.  Just be glad if you are not.  It's a weird mental/emotional dichotomy to suffer under.

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