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Friday, October 6, 2017

About Bees: The Miracle of Pollination: A Ted talk. Field Day Friday

Pina sent this to me a week ago and I just had the chance to see it.  Thank you Darling Pina!!  You are a doll!

We have three of these Huge cacti,  three different species, and one is in the back yard,  and two are in the front yard, and all of which these tiny bats pollinate.
Opuntia in the back yard last year
Pachycereus, and yes the Moon and a planet Venus
Night flowering- Pink or maybe red.??  iffy
Prickly Pear, not ours but ours is bigger.

Right now, as I was watching the YouTube above, I turned to Mr. Z. and told him this.  He told me that, last night, when he took Wolfie for his before bedtime walk a bat swooped down into the area in the front yard where these two cacti are.

I was going to tell him about hearing bats in the yard again.  I haven't heard them since we had rabbits.  And yes, I am one of the people who have hearing that can detect bats.

BUT, now I know why!  And, I'm so excited about all this.
HERE is the link to the YouTube above (in case it doesn't play for you)  from a Ted-talk about pollinators.

We cannot survive without these creatures being healthy and alive and working.

Monsanto.  You really are the Devil.  You have put us into a very bad and dark place, and your marketing and lawsuits against farmers were just the last straw.  Shame on you! 

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