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William Wordsworth Longfellow

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Milagro Beanfield War

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Navajo Blessing

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday 13, seat of the pants filing...er flying? Little Black Cloud following me...

This is late.  If this aggrieves anyone, I'm sorry. 😪 Truly.... 

OOPS! Forgot to link.. Go HERE to join in the fun!

The 13 things I've been up to, or thinking about or running  from!

1. I also forgot to get birthday cards for my twins mailed on time.😔

2. I find the OWB guilty on all counts.

3. I like the new pen filler that Mr. Z got me yesterday.  It's black.  I prefer black ink.

4. I'm exhausted by the commonplace of life.  That's a very old phrase but I can't remember where it comes from other than to say it's from literature, probably English.

5. We got lots of clouds and no rain.  Not anything beyond a mist or  two.

6. But, there has been just enough of a change in the weather and air pressure to give me a two day migraine.  It's time to make popcorn and light a fire in a fit of red flannel fever!

7.  I'm trying to find my light table in order to experiment with photos for Instagram.  Usually I'm very orderly if cramped for space.  So, I'll find it.

8.  A visit to the doctor yesterday confirmed that I am well again.  What can be said?  Some day someone will be able to figure out why I'm so tired.  Oh blast!  It might be the time change.  When WILL we ever get out from under this fallacy that changing the clocks twice a year is good thinking?

9.  I need to drink more tea but here I sit, typing this almost a day late!

10.  I had a sweet dream about Elle.  She walked up to me smiling and handed me a little bouquet of wild flowers, as if to say all was well with her and that she loved me.

11. Thanksgiving is coming and I want to spend it with my kids.  Like that's ever going to happen. 

12.  In a fit of retail therapy, I bought two little dresses that were made in America, with materials sourced from the United States.  This means only that my carbon footprint lost a toe.

13. I've lost 8 pounds.  But, Christmas is coming and I might just find the freaking things again.  Lord I hope not!


  1. #12 is funny. I have only ever lost 2 pounds. 8 seems like a lot! I contracted a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in my late 20s so I know a lot about being tired. Have to meter out my activities. Most would never know and it never shows up in medical tests.

    1. About weight: you are so tiny that you shouldn't be losing very much weight. I have 15 more pounds, and I will be ever so happy!
      I have had CFS for a long, long time, too. It hit hard when I was in my mid-forties. I just get horridly tired from time to time, as you probably do. And, as you say, there is no real test for it but it really can lay a person low. This is one of those "flare" times. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and those two buzzards like to roost in the same tree, so to speak.

  2. #10 is lovely!

    Instagram, ahah... I noticed two FB friends following me there even if I didn't post anything (amusing friends)

    1. It was a lovely little dream. I will miss this girl for the rest of my life. But I'm reconciled more now.
      Instagram fills up the time when I just can't concentrate enough to read or move much. I love that thing, especially the bird photos! It's great.

  3. Re #5: We're expecting 1st snow overnight or very early AM. Yick.

    1. Oh, the first snow. I bet you are not looking forward to it. This is when it forms slush the next day, right? Oh ugh! Best wishes for you and your lady wife. Doesn't sound like fun.

  4. Nothing wrong with being late to the party. Look at how late I am in visiting! Very late. I am glad you are "well" although the doctors don't know everything, I'm afraid. I am very overweight. I could lose 100 pounds and still not be at my ideal weight. It makes me sad. And that makes me eat. I am sad a lot.


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