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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Thursday 13... Bird and others Sites and Apps..

The first  three sites below the link to Cornell are what I use daily... the others I use a lot as well.
1. Cornell lab of Ornithology 

2. Audubon Guide to North American Birds

3. Merlin from Cornell

4.  EBird, which has an interactive site for birders to submit sightings, plus the facts for Bird ID.

5. Virginia Tech Tree ID site...   I got this right away the minute that I found it.  It's fantastic.

6. Naturefind... I can't get a link to it to work but you can google it.. it's from the iTunes store.
But HERE is a link to the parent site, National Wildlife Federation.  I think it might even be part of the Citizen Science reporting (if you are into that) system.  I don't remember. lol

7. Wildlife Obs observer.  and this is the LINK to their camera assistance page.  This is an interactive Citizen Science project for owners of Trail cams.. I'm thinking of getting a little night camera for my back yard.  So far in this area we have had the usual field mice, invasive rats, and wood rats, as well as skunks, O'possums, and Raccoons coming through the yard.

8. SciSpy app site.  This is another interactive Citizen Science Project page with a different focus.

9. iBirdPRO.  I don't have this because I'm pretty well versed in bird ID and bird song, but it has some nice features.  Thinking about it......

10. Peterson's Guide to North American Birds.  This is also top of the line and amazing.

11.  Here is a NON app site for Insect ID that I find very complete and accurate.  Useful, even. ;o)  It's called BugGuide

12. Project Noah.. They have an app, and you can get it through the App store.  Wonderful site!

13. WildLab is another site that is Citizen Science and takes input from citizens.  At this site you can get a link to their interactive bird project.

My only concern is that the counts don't get muddled with so many choices.  Please if you want to participate, pick one site to report to.  Otherwise I think the count might end up going in more than once.  I'm not sure if the sites themselves have compensated for that happening.

Enjoy, and birds are something you can watch from the comfort of your picture window!


  1. Lovely video. I got birds on my porch from time to time. Thank goodness for some trees despite all the skyscrapers where I live. Sunflower and other seeds are becoming usual on my grocery list now.

    1. Thank you for your nice comment and for feeding birds. They are greatly impacted by the Human Herd. I would feed them here but now there are introduced little "ratlings" who feast on seeds and such that birds inevitably drop.

  2. All we have around here this time of year is crows. (I KNOW that isn't true, but it sure seems that way...)

    1. Ouch. I feel your pain...Crows are so gangster/mobster like that it's semi-dangerous to feed them. I am sad for you. They also eat baby birds right out of nests. West Nile sort of did a lot of them in but .....

  3. I look up birds all the time but mostly forget the names an hour later! My grandsons constructed me a bird box that I could hide in to watch and shoot (with a camera) the birds. I'll never forget the time the indigo buntings came.

    1. How sweet of your grandsons! Indigo buntings are enough to raise the bar very high! Squeeeee! We had to go miles and miles out into the desert to a grave yard to see a stray Indigo Bunting one year. Building a chair blind is the only other project that I'm going to attempt besides an awful lot of knitting this year.

  4. I want to put a feeder outside my office window but my husband objects. But I think I would enjoy watching them. I received a new camera for Christmas that has a "birdwatching" setting. I have no idea what it does so I am looking forward to warmer weather so I can see!

    1. Hmmmm.... I'd put one up anyway, ;o) I know, we need no bird wars, nope!
      You will love that new setting. I guess that it must combine the best setting across the whole range of setting that you'd have to manually set on other cameras. I am jealous! heehee

  5. Replies
    1. If you feed them, they will come..... I get all sorts of birds when I feed them, but alas, I do worry about them when I go away.... So we planted lots of food plants for all the birds and butterflies. We still, despite the drought, have quite a few, in front and in back of the house.


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