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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Thursday Thirteen: 13 things I want to do for the rest of my life.

1.   I want to create a low maintenance cactus and succulent garden...



Goes to Nell's Garden Page with THIS link.
Though it's for all Gardens....It will pretty much show you what I mean to accomplish
in the way of Succulents.
 2. Knit Short Fingered gloves and boots socks for the hospital, and finish the Aran sweater.  Two of the glove sets have been sent....

3. Read all my books! And stop getting more.. There is a limit to the patience of a spouse who was not struck with the same brick..

4.  Love and  spoil our Wolfie.   I think he's our last one...

He is our little angel.. this was taken two years ago

He's been "through the wars" this past 6 months

5. Grow  more Epiphyllum...  and bromeliads

6.  Travel and explore more of the West Coast!

7. try to find more creatures, like these little toads that are the size of a finger tip.... I've been trolling Pinterest seeing some amazing baby Amphibian and Reptilian babies.  So Cute!

8.  Make wire wrap and other silver craft but this time, just for fun....

9. Remember my mother, for her quiet and mindful ways.  She did her best for her kids.
And, I shall remember that, even though I am a mouse, I have super powers ;o)

Use this...A LOT
11.  And, I intend to take a LOT more flower pictures.  They stand still whereas birds, all of which I adore, give me the "tail feather flit"......an Avian world version of the famous Human "one finger" salute...

12. Knit more socks!

13. Decorate and Fire my own Pots: I like Majolica and Telavera pots.  They are all over Pinterest if you want to see them.. I'd planned to do this years ago but was hit by Fibromyalgia, CFS, wrist, knee, and gall bladder surgery, most horrible of all, the death of a daughter in her prime... not all the four horsemen but quite a few of them...so....I  want to create these for my plants - and finishing up other things in Ceramics.  I Have a kiln.  I'm going to use it.

I plan on filling and Firing my kiln a couple of times a year.. Finish everything and make pots ....
This one is done and packed away..

Well friends, if you see less of me, don't think less of me.... For, these are my plans and it takes time...
I wish you the very best of luck in all that you want to do with the rest of your life.....May your plans not suffer the fate of those dreams in  Of  Mice and Men  A PDF you can read if you are of a mind to.
And, A YouTube.....


  1. I've never gardened anything BUT succulents. I've never been particularly successful, even at that. Maybe I should learn to knit, eh?

    1. Well, Ron, you can't kill knitting so maybe you should. lol
      Succulents are easier on your hands though, since they don't have thorns, unlike their cacti cousins. You live in the wild barren landscape of the north so my bet is that you'd need a heater to keep them alive over winter. ;o)

  2. Such a fun and intuitive post loved every sentence and thought

    1. I'm so glad that you liked it, and you are quite kind to say so. We will see how much of this I get done. Some of it seems a little energetic in the light of day. hehe

  3. I hope you are successful at every endeavor and frankly I'm pleased to see that you have goals and plans! You must tell me how you managed to find them.

    1. Why thank you, Ms. CountryDew. I'm doing a few of them already but at a snail's pace, and the trip up the coast to Canada is still on hold. Right now, I could happily run away from home and just live in the RV, but then I would miss my hubby and Wolfie. lol
      These are all from an old bucket list things. A list that I'm feeling the pressure to accomplish. The spinning of wool is going to be the hardest. But, the gauntlet has been tossed down and I must try harder.

  4. You've got a lot of knitting ahead of you. You make your own yarn? That's highly admirable. I've tried a few times, but it just made me want to raise sheep.

    I like the Northwest a lot. :) I'm not so fond of the southern end of the West Coast as I'm not good with large numbers of strangers.

    1. I have only made yarn on a drop spindle so far, and a long time ago. I want very much to make yarns because even if the hands give out they can still be made to spin yarn. I've wanted a flock of sheep for so long. But I'd want them in Scotland or New Zealand where everything is GREEN, GREEN GREEN...
      To be honest, I hate being on the Southern End of the West Coast except when we lived in a place called Nestor, almost to the border. It was rural and had a horse farm nearby, and was less than a about a mile from the beach....
      I have ALWAYS wanted to be above Los Angeles along the coast somewhere cool. But, life is what happens when you are busy making plans, eh? It was not to be. I'd really like to live in Arcata.

  5. I wanted a rose garden but it was too hard. I used to wire wrap crystals and gems.

    1. Ah.. a fellow wirewrapper. Yay! I'm still doing wire wrapping from time to time, but it hurts the hands. That's the only reason I stopped trying to do it for production. I can still facet and make my own cabs; however, it's twilight time for all my metalsmithing. Lol
      As you say, "Roses are too hard. If a protracted drought hadn't slowly killed 13 of my roses and left only two, it would have been nice. The water use is tremendous. Roses definitely need lots of water.


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