~~ "It's All Life, until it's Over" ~~
Kilgore Trout

~~ " In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?”" ~~
Saint Augustine

~~ “Nobody would do anything if they knew what they were in for.” ~~
"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

~~ "May you Walk with Beauty All Around You" ~~
Navajo Blessing

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wednesday Warnings? 😲

This is the day for "Why the Hell would they even do that..."

Rod Schoonover at a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Wednesday.

Can lives be saved?  Yes, and here's an article that explains now. 

*Edit note:Yes, everything is the NYT, but you want crap from the New York Post, you'll have to go scrape it up somewhere else.*

Back to the business at hand...

Go HERE to find out what the White House is up to. 

And this is not all that's going on.   Go HERE to find out what else the EPA is doing, under the Trump minions, as it attempts  to minimize the numbers of deaths that can be attributed to air pollution.

These future people are going to be OUR children, and OUR grandchildren, who will be dying from this criminal behavior.   Think it isn't a crime?

Here, this is for all the Christians who still support this criminal enterprise:

"I will destroy the Destroyers of the Earth." Rev 18:11

I think ignoring the warning signs is the biggest crime yet committed.



  1. It's so so sad....wish it to be over sooner rather than later!

  2. With all that we have been through already, I am wondering if it will all just play out slowly, with attrition taking the children home to not return again for ANY reason. After all, the violent are making this Eden into a hell. Enjoy the Beauty, Sweetheart. Just enjoy the Beauty. Much Love to the family. (((((BIG Hugs!))))


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