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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Sunday stealing: From Facebook


Sorry, Bev this is a Bare Bones. We have a very sick puppy...

Readers, Bev does a great job of finding these and posting them.. Thank you Bev!

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1. The best story your parents or grandparents tell about the good ole days. 

My belovéd maternal grandparents (the ones that my mother and I lived with in Ohio during the war) died in the early 1950's, before I was 12, and I didn't even meet my paternal grandmother until I was 13.  

My maternal Grandparents went where the work was in the Great Depression.  Most people who could, did.  

Grandpa repaired and operated what is called Heavy Equipment- road graders, and bulldozers etc.  Grandma and my mother and her sisters all went along.  There were some pictures of them on the trail but they have long since disappeared.  Mother said that grandma had her singer sewing machine with a hand crank on it and she sewed for her girls and for other people as well. They all lived out of a big black car and pitched a tent while grandpa repaired anything that needed it.  They traveled all over the place, wherever the equipment went.

My paternal Grandma and I didn't get to talk very much, until the 1970's, about anything to do with that side of the family.  

By that time, I was a young mother and wanted to know the heritage of my children.  She was just a sweet and very pious, simple little farmer in Colorado who grew her own food and ground her own corn for tortillas and such.  

She did tell me that my surname was, indeed, French. She also told me about going back and forth across the so called Mexican border, exactly as her family and kin had always done, despite the restrictions. She also gave me a lot of names and family history, some of it translated by her daughter, my aunt. People forget that there were a lot of French families that came to New Mexico and surrounds, when France ruled in Mexico. 

2. The best things in life are... Clean food and Water, but mostly not any material things. The best things are kindness and fellow feeling.  Love.. smiles... joking and gentle teasing.  Music!  Guitars and violins!

3, Things that drive me batty Lies and liars. Also, mean people, like those who decide to cut you dead without any reason at all except within themselves they are somehow inadequate.  They assassinate a person's character because they themselves are very unhappy.  We all know a few of these people.

Happily, I've only known a few. One was a treacherous club leader who seemingly made a habit of befriending people and then turning on them and picking them apart before the group.  People like her are dreadfully sick in the head. 

4. A place I'd like to live and why I would like to live in Northern California, around Arcata.  It's lovely there, and it's still in California. Barring that little city, I'd like to live anywhere in the Northern or Central counties along the coast, well, in Humboldt County, as long as it's within shouting distance of the shore.

5. The best thing I've ever found ... material?  or a living being... human?  Human is my DH,  and the material side......let's see.... 

I once found several pieces (elements) of gold jewelry that were scattered all over the county: one right in front of my house in the gutter, and the others were at three different place.  

There was a letter, "I", and an letter, "A" -both capitals - two Identical rings that were part of some other thing like earrings, but were Identical to each other.  

One ring was at the beach, on the lawn where we picnicked a lot, and the other was at Balboa Park where we usually went for picnics as well.  It was all very, very spooky.

These sort of things put my feet on a path from which I've never departed.  Forgive an old lady for telling her secrets, but life can by absolutely Magical sometimes.  It's something one does not forget.   

6. The best thing that happened recently is.

My sister is finally vaccinated, and my daughter, the last one, has appointments. 

I've worried so long over this.  And now it's going to be lifted for so many more people. 

7. I admire people who... speak out against the madness and who are honest and brave.

8. What makes me special?  I'm not special.  I'm very ordinary, and just try to always be kind and loving, and pray every day to be brave. 
9. I am looking forward to... seeing my sister and the other belovéd ones. 
10. Things that scare me Wars, and the madness that is running through daily life at the moment.  

I'm old and have seen my people go through so much and always we had the will to work together and make a better world for the children.  I think we may be seeing the end of that will.  That's scary. 

11. Complaints I have I want all people to stop the lying they are doing to themselves and each other.  This is not the time to get petty or pout.  It's time to go to work and save the country for the children.  We OWE this to them.
12. I could never live without... Hope

13. Things that make me laugh Babies laughing, and of course, Satire, quirky humor, and Irony.

14. What is a new skill that you would like to learn? I would love to learn to dry tomatoes from the garden. 

15. What brightened your day today? Our little dog didn't fight us when we cared for his eye this morning.  He just waited patiently for us to clean it and put the medicine in. He is so dear to our hearts. 

OH dear God, I love this little dog.

Sleepy LIttle Wolfie

 I've given this my "All".  Hope you are still awake out there after reading it.

If you want to see more responses, then....

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Most of all, always make time for a little bit of fun in the day. 




  1. I hope your pup is doing better! Many hugs! Love reading all your answers! Happy Sunday!

    1. Thanks Jodi, he is a little better, his eye looks better and he is resting. Last night was rough on him but at least he ate this am. Happy Sunday and thanks for the hugs!
      (((Hugs back!)))

  2. I hope your doggy is better. I loved your stories. And Hope is the best answer for what one can't live without.

    1. Thank you CountryDew. I like telling about my grandparents. I loved all three of them that were around for me to meet and love. My paternal grandfather was off somewhere, being bad, I think. lol
      "Hope is the thing with feathers", a Emily Dickinson once wrote. Such a sweet poem.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Kwizgiver. He's the last dog we will ever have. And, so we are trying really hard to keep him healthy enough that his life in good.

  4. Thank you, he goes to the vet tomorrow.
    And, your comment means a lot coming from a cat guy. heehee
    Wolfie has always been a darling. And, I also love the kitties, they just can't go along on the RV trips. too scary!


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