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William Shakespeare
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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Now for "something completely different": Crochetting for the Cause... from behind Bars...

 HERE is an uplifting story about how needle arts, in most cases Crochet (since the very thought of inmates with knitting needles must give wardens nightmares) have saved one man's soul.  The man is serving a long sentence in Prison.  Hope you can find time to read it.

This also reminds me of an article I read, long ago, about the experiences of a reporter who interviewed a Warden who had OK'd craft teachers to work with inmates and teach them crochet.  The inmates made toy animals for children who were traumatized by crimes or disasters.  The warden had been showing the reporter around the prison and mentioned the craft room.  So, off they went to meet some of the inmates to see their work.  

Afterward, the warden said, while chuckling, that he'd never get over the incredible experience of having some absolute Hulk of a guy, who might be serving "900 years for a murder",  come up to him with an little crocheted animal he'd designed, and made, to comfort someone else's little child during an investigation.

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