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Sunday, December 4, 2022

The Marshall Project Article about the fact that Senior arrests are in escalation...

This was posted too soon..but here it is.  

Here's a Marshall Project Article about the fact that Senior arrests are  in escalation... and one tragic outcome of an encounter with police by a man with dementia, after his family called 911 trying to get help in finding him as he had wandered away....

Debbie Navejas Aguilar with her father Armando Navejas in El Paso 

on Thanksgiving in 2020. Photo courtesy of Debbie Navejas Aguilar

In the latest figures arrests of seniors is up nearly 30% between 2000 and 2020 — at the same time that overall arrests fell by nearly 40%.

Pretty Alarming.  And Beyond stupid.  Who is training these people?  What will it be next?  Police Dogs taking us down?  And yes, I'm really P.O'd. 

I remember the woman arrested for "shop lifting";  she was a dementia patient, who didn't understand what was happening to her and was thrown, with force to the ground and badly injured.  She was then arrested, her hands zip tied behind her, and she was then put into a squad car. 

HERE is the article on a recent  tragedy, and it is a truly disturbing arrest of a dementia person who was taken down with a TAZER, and who later died in custody.  What is the matter with our police?  WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH OUR POLICE??? 

It's sickening what is happening.  And I fear for EVERYONE when things like this are happening .. think about this.. THIRTY PERCENT RISE in Arrests of Seniors.   People my age grew up with a lot of respect for Policemen.  I'm no longer sure what the police across the country are even being taught?!?!?


  1. We have a real problem with law enforcement country-wide. Too many of them are drunk on their own power and never get held accountable for their wrongs.

    1. Agree! That is becoming wide spread! Such a shame. Maybe it's all the radioactive stuff that is always filtering down on the power mad, and something that regular folks never fall for. Petty politicians are getting hard to stomach.