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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

I was saving this for later reference, but feel an urgency to speak out about it NOW.

After police brutality in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, and lately the killings that involve abuse of police power that have resulted in numerous deaths, mostly of Blacks and Hispanics, I now feel that it's even more important then ever to spread this message wider. Now before the final door is slammed on our fingers.

 Remember the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo in Argentina?  I do.  I'll never forget them!  

Since I've watched this violence against my own people ramp up through the years, starting with Kent State,  I'm not about to let it go without having something to say.  

We will have a sick society if the Elected individuals, whom we expect to PROTECT our rights, are granting cart blanche to any city police doing the job that is reserved for the National Guard exclusively. 

Even though the National Guard troops botched Kent State, I have to ask, if it isn't their job to be called out and handle insurgency or riots?  What is the national guard for anyway?  Let's get rid of one or the other. 

The Treasury Agents are NOT the National Guard, either, no matter what Trump thinks.

A quote from the article: 

"In her polemical new documentary Riotsville, U.S.A., director Sierra Pettengill introduces fascinating new archival material about policing, dissent, and how the government views protest, but the bleakest takeaway is a familiar one—this country has a stubborn refusal to learn from its past. After a half-century of scandals, reports, studies, and commissions exploring race, policing, excessive force, and protest, we’re still having the same arguments. We’re still making the same mistakes. We’re still ignoring the same evidence."

From this article in the Daily Beast.  

From the Movie, "Riotsville"

I really believe that we need to keep an eye on the rising mess of having THIS level of Governmental power going on in our  DEMOCRACY!  

This is not a South American dictatorship.  It's The United States of America isn't it?  

We the People are a free people.  Or, perhaps we have incrementally slipped into more of a "Third World" Dictatorship.  I wonder.


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