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Friday, September 8, 2006

September 11th Tribute to a sweet and joyful woman

Veronique (Bonnie) Nicole Bowers

Bonnie was nearly the same age of my twins and had a little son whom she loved. She was full of life and love and joyfulness at being alive.

I am putting up a tribute site from CNN:

CNN Tribute Site for Bonnie Nicole Bowers

Also, there is a quilt that was made for all the victims and was posted as a Quilt Block Gallery at the "United in Memory" Site Bonnie's block is the first one on page four.

Some of you may have noticed the permanent link in my sidebar that will take you to another project, one which is for bloggers. They were asked to make Celebrations of Life posts for one of the September 11th victims. I was honored to have the chance to make this small remembrance post to a young woman who, if she had lived, would have been one year older than my youngest child. May you rest in the arms of our Lord, and be forever at Peace, sweet Bonnie.


  1. Beautiful woman, Bonnie N. Bowers. I feel so sad for everyone who was lost that day, and for everyone who lost someone, too.

  2. Thanks for posting this, and taking the time to remember....

  3. She was a beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing her story...

    I honored Michael Haub, FDNY.

  4. ar, that day is still unbelievable to me. I just can't take it all in.

    alliesw, hi, and you're welcome. We need to remember this and learn from it, whatever it has to teach, we need to learn it.

    Jacqulyn, hi, She sure was. I've gone to visit your site to read about Michael.

    Did any of you have aching arms for days after this? I did. I can't think why as it's not ever happened before.

  5. What a lovely tribute for a lovely woman, thankyou
    Kelly, a fellow 2996er
    I remember

  6. Thank you Kelly, and hello. I love your tribute; it's beautifully done.

    We must always remember.

  7. You know here in Australia we all watched in horror and were devestated by the tragedy of 9/11 and yet in a way we were so far removed from it. It wasn't until the Bali bombings when we lost some of our own and the personal stories of loss are on tv and in newspapers, magazines etc. that the enormity of it all sinks in. So many innocent lives changed forever and a world that changed that day also.

    A very touching tribute to a very beautiful young woman.

    1. Thank you Sharon. This day is burnt into the heart and mind of every American and millions of world citizens. This has become a violent world. I sometimes despair that we can ever get along enough to be kind and fair and even handed enough to not incite such hatreds...

  8. Just found this project tonight. I like that she is being remembered... Thank you for posting this. Lovely blog!

    1. I just read some of the posts on your blog. And I must say, it is you who has a wonderful blog. I'm not blogging as much anymore but I do like a few of the weekly meme's and do them Thank you for your visit and for this lovely comment. I hope Bonnie and all the others who died on that day will be remembered. Take care, live life with gusto!

  9. Very nice article. I certainly love this website. Keeep writing!


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