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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Will this post add?

I'm having a terrible time with blogger.. No pictures will upload and no new posts will actually stick.

I, foolish Geek WANNABE that I am, plugged in the source code for my template when Blogger was just having a hiccough this AM. I have to recustomize all my side bars and Heaven only knows what else. I could have asked super geek but he was busy.

Why do they let people like me loose?


  1. Stupid Blogger! I have trouble leaving comments sometimes, and I love commenting! I hope you get it all fixed up! Poor little bird that you helped.

  2. "Why do they let people like me loose?"

    Because you're human, that's why! And a very good one, too. Thank you for helping to rescue that pelican.

  3. ar, yes Stooopid blogger. Points to self! hahaha... *cough* Now part of the archive pages are blue and not green.

    Jane, thanks for the encouragement. Sometimes I wonder what I'm still doing on the planet, then I know it's just to love and care for all the beloved sentient ones, and rooted ones, as long as possible.

    The young pelican was one that Wildlife Assist* had been trying to catch the day before. The bird got in the water yesterday, and must have ridden a current all night to get to where it was when we saw it, about four miles. The poor thing was still feisty enough to put up a pretty good fight in the net. I think it's a young enough bird to make it. It's a good thing it's an endangered species, or was on the list last time I looked.

    *That's actually the right name for this group.

  4. You know what I meant! Wonderful lady! I meant....aaaah!....You know what I meant! hahaha


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