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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Contrasts.. in time and in consequences

I finished reading this book a few nights ago.   I don't think anyone who has read this book will ever look upon their own freedoms so lightly again.  This is the story of six slave camp escapees walking to freedom from Soviet Russia.

Regimes are political, economic, or even spiritual in nature.  But what any Regime wants to do is to crush the human spirit and make slaves to the rulers' lies and their own inner poverty. We can't allow this to happen here in America.

We have the chance in America to take back our destiny into our own hands, not by violence but in small ways like the one advocated in THIS article from Melinda Pillsbury-Foster , an article in the American Politics Journal.  It's not a polemical article.  It's reasoned and passionate but not asking of anyone that they give up their senses.  Just that they think about the power we have to make our way to something better by working together in our communities and changing how we build our access and our own communities.  When I read this I thought of Arcada, California.   They built a water filtration plant that was years ahead of it's time.  And they did it as a community, for everyone there.

We all need to look at how we can keep our communities alive and prospering even when the government in Washington suffers from huge fiscal problems that they are unwilling or are unable to solve, and to do this Peacefully, friends among neighbors.  The OLD ways..  Thanks for listening.   


  1. I'm thinking....
    Did you read my blog post - the letter from the people in Norway?
    I do agree that this is the time of the Great Shift.
    May you live in interesting times, eh?

  2. Hi hi.. I will go read that asap, this evening. Boy you just never know, but we are headed somewhere that we haven't been, as a nation, for a long, long time. You would have thought we'd have learned something from the Romans or at least the last of the Imperial armies, eh?

    Too bad. It must be human nature at it's worst and it's a good thing we ALL don't have it, yes?

    I'll go read your blog later this evening..

  3. K, that letter/post was very impressive. America has two ways to do here and one of them is to stay going down the road we are on. Not a good thing.

    Thanks for pointing me to that letter.



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