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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ted Talks.. Kalandar... dancing bears.

I knew of the bears, I knew of the people, but this, I didn't know about until dd1 sent it to me.

It's so beautiful what has been done...


  1. What a great program. Evidence indeed of what a thoughtful approach can do.

    On another topic, I am one of those who contributed to MSF. I am looking on with distress and frustration, and have been for some time. The condition of Haiti has for a long time been the shame of the hemisphere.

  2. I hope that more and more local economy healings such as this can be accomplished.

    As to Haiti, yes, we crushed Haiti, and now we are going to try to make it a military outpost.

    Jamaica is another recipient of our attention. It has to do with bananas and the free trade agreement that ruined their domestic economy and sent their people into the same sort of downward spiral into poverty. Is this done just because the powerful are playing games?

    Evil is running around out there, in sheep's clothing.

  3. Wonderful video! I just found out about the TED talks recently and have been going through their archives.

  4. It really is great, Sarah-Hope. Glad you liked it.

    My DD sends me links to videos there from time to time, but maybe I'll subscribe. It's like reading "Yes!" Magazine or something for recovering burnt out activists. hehe


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