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Kilgore Trout

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Wolfie on Christmas Eve

He is a very good boy, and so, he went to Christmas Eve with us for the family gathering.

He had a pretty good time, especially on walks around the neighborhood where there were new smells to investigate. On the ancestry, I did some research, and found that when the first Shih Tzu dogs were brought to either the UK or the USA, they were crossbred with Pekinese to improve the size, so many Shih Tzu's show Pekinese in their DNA. The ones that were of that ancestry have the turned out feet and the bowed front legs of the Pekes.

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  1. oh my gosh he looks so happy - and so GOOD!

  2. Hi Rho and thank you! He really is "a most happy fella", as the song says. He has been put on a stricter diet though. He was headed to 15 pounds! On those short little legs, well, he'd be splayed out on the floor in no time at that rate!

    Magnusmog, thanks! He doesn't really like that little vest (Is there a dog that does like them?) but it's too cute not to put it on him from time to time. The yarn has snippets of colored bits in it. What are those called? Um, it reminds me of yarn made from the sweeping ups of the weaving floor. lol.


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