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Monday, January 11, 2010

Someone else's rant... about jobs

While most of the news is focused on "The Bomber" and other unrelenting horrors of modern life, the new figures for lay-offs have been released.   Guess what?  The economy is one of the targets chosen way back in the year 2000.  Did any of you forget?  I sure didn't!

Since December's lay-off figures have just been posted, 85,000, give or take a few thousand souls who will now be trying to piece their lives back together,  I thought a look back over a year ago to this RANT at Democratic Underground was called for.  That was probably tens of thousands of jobs ago, eh?

Maybe we are all just too, too thrashed to understand what this means, I mean unless you are one of the ones who lost a job in the last year, or even this year, because companies are still shedding employees in this new month of this new decade.

Today the yarn I ordered in December came, one from Berroco, made in Italy, and four balls of Paton's, "packaged" in Canada, and made in china.  Well, well, now I know!

The bad news is that we are still not getting it right.  The government should be trying to piece together our image in the world, and thereby lessening the chance of more hatred.   Instead, they are hammering at us so that we will keep supporting failed public policies, like torture.  It doesn't matter that whole swales of ex military have stood up to say it doesn't work.

Onward and downward, folks.

The knitting stuff........................Much more important in the great scheme of things.  You can make a lot more people happy with your knitting stuff....

On the Berroco Sox, it's for a pair of long slouchy arm warmer mitts for one DD, and a little hacky sack from one of their free patterns at the Berroco site.  The Patons is for a pair of socks, and a pair of mitts for another DD, but the patterns haven't been chosen as of yet.

The aran Manly is just three inches to the underarm.  What a lot of stitches in that round Beastie boy!

I've kept the resolutions fired up, and in first gear, but they ARE moving me along, hopefully, to a dust free future.  *cough*


  1. I assume that one reason why the (official) unemployment rate is not rising is because people are now dropping off at the back end - running out of benefits. I'm planning a move to the east coast this summer and am VERY worried about job prospects.

  2. Well, I wish you good luck in that, Ellen. Summer is away's away. sheesh. HUGS!

    And yes, the figures are fiddled constantly. With the economy almost derailing, I suppose we are luckier than we have a right to be, after the last 8 years, one year to right itself is asking too much. What a hole was dug for the country to fall into.


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