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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Blue Danube Waltz, a very fun YouTube

Didn't that look like lots of fun?


Here's another down there yonder, that is wonderful, less improv going on, and that link from "Amazed" who thought a little more publicity would further the cause of young musicians, which is a very good thing in some ways, and in some ways, Ghastly! Mon Dieu!

Amazed has a hot link for us!...

And THIS of Mozart's "Sonata in D Major for two pianos".

I have to say, Great Theater!. Hurrah for the Video makers as well in this!

N/A InENEway to Roe VS ...er.. nm


  1. Those two have collaborated on a lot of things. Here's a trailer for a CD they made.

    thanks for putting that on your blog.

  2. Blogger's having a little hizzy fit today.

    But, I want to say, before BloggerMonster ate my comment, that, firstly, you're welcome, and secondly that I will hot link your link it into the post, along with another one I found that I like lots better. Not quite a Touché but close. That is, after all, an Ad! Hahahahaha!


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