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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What we shouldn't be eating.... a quickie review of a blockbuster of a film.

Yes, a little black cloud drifted over paradise tonight. The happy channel (my little box) just showed a rather interesting film, and part of the audience, me, had to leave the "theater" while the graphic parts were shown.

We knew we shouldn't eat raw sewerage, but there's a lot of other stuff we shouldn't be eating either.

Take something called Pink Slime. It's the food industry's answer to e.coli in their ground beef. Guess where they were using it? School lunches were found to have it, and fast food burgers. Now, in this film, I finally got to see it actually being made! It's made from some entrails, fatty globs, and Ammonia, for one thing. Talk about icky additives.

Food.Inc, not a documentary about your grandmother's eating problems growing up, but baby it sure is about yours.

Also, this movie points to the fact that we, as consumers, need to help the farmers as they are being eaten alive, pardon the pun, by the food producing conglomerates. There are some farmers in this film that you just want to bike over and buy from, right out of the fields, to save them from Monsanto. Our farmers should not be being treated this way. It's One Hundred and TEN percent WRONG! I can see why they are so damn pissed off.

Ya, I hate you Monsanto, but you already knew that. Kiss my Grits, but keep your hands off my food. I don't trust you.

Ever hear of Kevin's Law? This needs some good old fashioned ground roots hollering and help, too. Listen closely to Kevin's Mother and her seven year battle, by now more, to close up the loopholes used by unnamed corporations (heck I don't want to be sued anymore than the next guy) in FDA control over the industry.

Go Oprah! Hooray for you too! You're in the film and you won! That took a million bucks but you won!

Your food dollars have POWER my friends. Make them work for the corny, another pun, Greater Good. I just remembered we didn't vet that new brand of tortillas we bought last week. *slaps forehead* You do NOT want any GMOs running around your blood stream. Not good for you.

Things you can do about all this

We, the consumers, have some power in this and we can change it. Everyone can have a part in the successful change.

OK, I've worked the fire from gross feed lot films out of my belly. I'm going to bed and read a nice, little Gray Panther,  Grannie magazine about how to set my new short hairdo in curlers and how to apply pink lipstick- organic lipsticks, not tested on an Animal!

A little beauty

Good night World! Let's not keep our backs turned while they do these horrid things anymore. Just spend your dollars where it helps the ones making the changes, and help make sure that farmer's markets, where the healthiest foods are, are equipped to take food stamps so the poorer folk can eat better to.


  1. Frankenfood HaterApril 8, 2010 at 5:51 AM

    Good job writing that one up! Good luck to all you readers out there. Not even staying away from the fast food "restaurants" and standard grocery stores is enough. You have to read every label and investigate every meat product to find out what's in it and where it came from. There is high fructose corn syrup in things you wouldn't even imagine. Meat can be 100% vegetarian fed and still be bad, it could have been fed corn in a feed lot under horrific conditions. To be called free range they only need to have access to outdoors for 15 mins before they are slaughtered. You need to make sure that free range means never confined to be fed and that vegetarian diet means grass fed. Find out what CSA means and whether there are any near you. Find smaller grocery stores that sell at least some organic foods and are small enough that you can talk to the people who work there about what they sell. It is more costly, I can sympathize with families who can't afford to eat healthy food. Shame on the people who are responsible for them not being able to afford it and shame on the people who are responsible for the only things they can afford being so horrible.

  2. This is too important for just a comment so I'm making it a post.

    Hey there Frankenfood Hater. I like the handle.


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