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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Making Lemon Marmalade in the Microwave

Sorry for Three posts in one day!

This was so much fun, and the product is lovely; it's sweet with a tiny bit of tartness and just a hint of bitter. It is fully as delicious as the really expensive stuff in the white jars (that I love to eat) which comes from the English Store in my town.

What I love about this is that I can make it with lemons from my own tree.  AND....  I can now make Orange Marmalade this way without using a food processor, which doesn't give the same result.

This is a LINKIE to the Blood Orange Marmalade I made in April 2009. I fell off the cooking wagon for awhile after that.

But, with this new recipe, there is a caution in the cooking. Be careful taking the container out of the microwave because this mixture gets up to boiling in the second stage. In fact, as the timer ticked "off" for the 18 minute cook time, there arose a huge froth bubble on the top of my fairly wide bowl. Luckily it deflated as soon as the time dinged. I would not have wanted to clean any sticky stuff off the whole inside of the microwave.

All juiced, seeded and ready to slice thinly. Juice went into the big red bowl after being seeded.

I cut these strands in half to shorten the length of peel in the finished marmalade

Juice and rind, ready for the first cooking

In it goes for the second 18 minute cooking after adding 3.5 cups of sugar.

Finished and perfectly Jelled.

I got the recipe from HERE

Though not called for, I sliced the rind instead of putting it in the food processor.  Also, I measured my lemon rind and juice, saw that it was just under three cups, total.

After the first cooking, I changed the recipe to have 1/2 cup more sugar because I didn't like the way it looked.  I've made a lot of jams with my mother and on my own, and it didn't look right.

The first cooking time turned out to be enough even though I used the biggest of the Pyrex bowls but it wasn't just right for Myers lemons, which tend to be more juicy. Also, I've found that the Pyrex bowls absorb more of the heat than most other utensils for the microwave.

"The next thing", I told DH, "is to make Coconut Bacon".
He said, "You can't make that!"
I said, "Why can't I make coconut bacon? It's for BTLs?"
He said, "You can't make it because I get to make it! And, it's not 'for BTLs', it's for BLTs."

What could I do but shut up? Mouth agape, I stumbled from the kitchen! Not really. That is, just so I get to eat a LOT of the coconut bacon; I'm good with that.


  1. Lucky you to have fruit trees! I love your autumn decor, and the lovely pictures you've post4d recently. A feast for the eyes indeed.

  2. Thank you so much! This is a good time of the year.

    About trees: We used to have a dwarf Nectarina and also a dwarf Babcock (white)peach. But they both got peach leaf curl. The limes and the lemon, all three dwarfs, would have had many more "friends" if water hadn't gotten so scarce. I hope you get some trees in this spring.


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