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Friday, September 30, 2011

A Restful Day

A few days ago DH's ancient laptop went belly up, pre-deceased by my own desk top which is now rebuilt, but DH needs it to get parts and do research on a lap top.  So, here I am on a net book that is too tiny to use like a  regular keyboard, and only one step above an iPhone for usability as a "fingers" on communication device.  It's really making me wiggy!  Back later on the big one.

Back again...

Several of you know that Thursday was Bernadette's Busy Day.  Yesterday was a hectic mess.   It was my pre-op day.  But it's over and went well.   Those of you who have had them know the drill.  It didn't look very promising when the nurse who dropped me off at Ortho Ex-ray came back a half hour later wondering where I was, and I told her that, no, I hadn't got ex-rayed yet.  She went in and came back out and said, "It will just be a few more minutes."  She didn't know it sounded like someone was having a party in there.  Partay time!

So, she came back a little later.  The worst part of any of this is that it put me behind time with the doctor's nurse and the surgeon!  I was almost a half hour late because of an orderly I do not like from the first appointment, but I digress.

I didn't get to ask my assistant surgeon to show me ( on the computer because they can do these things now) how they were going to straighten out my knee joint.  I SO want to know how they will do that.  I have a sort of "Lazy Y" joint there unstead of a nice stacked "U" joint thing going.  We did talk about ligaments, which he said no one had ever asked about before.  They shorten the ligaments or even lengthen them if needs be.  Whomsoever did my Bro's knee should have shortened them, though I'm only second guessing his military surgeons.  But this will be interesting convo with my Bro, let me tell you!   We can chit chat about many interesting details concerning Knee joints, I'm sure.

Sister and I missed our chinwag on Thursday but I got to tell her about the truly comical EKG guy, as well as the nice nurses.  Oh, and about the shock of some of them, barely concealed, that I took so many supplements.   One of them, probably the head OR Nurse, took issue with some of my sups, saying, "They must make a lot of money off of you."

I told her that one was based on ancient Indian medicine, and for saying so, I got a little sound - similar but not quite - a squeak, and so I didn't tell her that all modern Cox2 inhibitors use the active ingredient in that humble supplement - in a highly concentrated, engineered form - to charge people through the nose, plus take one of their arms and a leg for - in a capsule.  We didn't get into it. lol  

She asked me if it helped, and I said that, yes, I felt a lot better since taking all my sups.  When she made another little noise, and I didn't tell her that if Big Pharma and the Medicos didn't like it, it was too bad.  I know a lot more about modern medicines than I want to know, having been forced into reading block busting downloaded TOMES on the subject and very unwillingly, too!

You deserve a picture after all this blather about arms, knees, legs and noses, so I'll find you one.

The tort report:
They are settling in for the winter.  As soon as Halloween, DH will pull them out of their burrows and put them into the Tort Flat -special boxes- in the garage.  The tiny ones will live inside for a couple more winters, being kept out of torpor with artificial lighting and a heat lamp.  Button is still tiny but he's eating like a horse and trying to "beef up".  I put one of his big brothers in with him from time to time so that he will have some encouragement.  I try to make sure he know that life isn't just tiny black letters on the bottom of a box.


From tiny green nothings to full grown, and I won't be showing anything else about them until they are sliced and on a plate!  I promise!  I just wanted my DD who grew them from seed to see that they have survived even our southern summer, and mother's sometimes spotty care taking.  And you probably all wondered why I like cactus.

First planted in late July
Late August

September, showing some heat stress

Since they are green stripe tomatoes we are going to have a hard time deciding when to pick them.  

The knitting report:

The sock heel is done and now for the leg which is plain knitting and will go fast.   Just as soon as that is done, I'll cast on that Baktus scarf because time is running out fast.

Oh, forgot to say.  Yesterday, the EKG tech poked a long stick up my nose and hit the back of my throat.  I jumped and he said, " See, that went all the way through to your brain.  There's a hole that does straight into your brain now"  I said, " Good, now it's aerated!"   He was so fun. He made up for that Partay going on in the Orthopedics ex-ray room.  I still wish I could have remembered to ask for some of the cake, since they made me late!

Happy Knitting!

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