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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MSNBC shows Video of the New York Police smashing a camera man's head into a parked car

Part of the video on this broadcast was in the other link.

Let's be clear.  This is not new, what a few police did yesterday, Commanders the news source calls them.  You just don't see this on video tape most of the time.  It's a hidden and very brutal fact that if we don't expose such brutal policemen their departments  will not stop them!

Listen to the commentary, and what Lawrence O'Donnell has to say.   Peace Activists are not strangers to Police brutality, the L.A. City police beat up a woman reporter carrying a video camera right in front of an Italian Restaurant while she was filming them beating peaceful and legal protesters.  They were never punished. 

We can't afford a police force with these people on it, in it or in control of it.  There are too many really wonderful officers who get a very bad name in the eyes of those whom they serve, when the brute squad is not punished.  They need to be flipping burgers or sweeping streets.  We can't have then ruining our law enforcement agencies any more.

Enough is ENOUGH!  Some in the police force, ones with evidently too much power, are getting so brutal that they have to be exposed and stopped.  They are out of control of themselves.

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